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Veteran Population by State

Veteran Population by State
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Veterans Across America

The men and women who step forward to serve in America's armed forces embody sacrifice and patriotism. Their service to the nation continues to shape the fabric of our society long after they've retired from military duty. Interestingly, each state maintains a unique distribution of this special group, more commonly referred to as the 'veteran' population. 

The U.S. Census Bureau has estimated that approximately 17.4 million living veterans reside across the nation. However, unlike other demographic statistics, the distribution of these individuals is not ubiquitous. Significant differences emerge when examining the data on a state-by-state basis, with some states hosting a larger veteran population than others.

Key insights from the data include:

  • The states with the largest number of veterans are California (1.5M), Texas (1.4M), and Florida (1.4M). These populous states support substantial veteran communities.
  • Conversely, the states with the smallest veteran populations are Wyoming (44.4K), Vermont (34.9K), and the District of Columbia (25.5K).
  • There is a substantial drop in the total veteran population after the top three states. Pennsylvania, fourth on the list, houses roughly half the number of veterans compared to those in California, Texas, and Florida.
  • There is a notable number of veterans in eastern states, like Virginia (674.2K) and North Carolina (654.4K), reflecting a strong cultural and historical link to the military in these regions.
  • Similarly, states with lower overall populations, such as Alaska (64.8K) and Montana (85.4K), showcase significant veteran representation, indicating a possible correlation between rural regions and veteran residency.

States with the Most Veterans

Analyzing veteran populations by state, three states stand out for having the highest veteran populations: California, Texas, and Florida. In California, the veteran population is approximately 1.5 million. Given its rank as the most populous state in the country, it's not entirely surprising that it also has the highest number of veterans. Texas is next in line with an estimated 1.4 million veterans, matching Florida which also has around 1.4 million.

Following these states are Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York, each housing significant veteran populations. Pennsylvania reports around 731.4k veterans, just slightly more than Ohio with 685.9k veterans, and New York with approximately 676.3k veterans. 

The states of Virginia and North Carolina also have notable veteran populations, with both states individually hosting a remarkable number of around 674.2k and 654.4k veterans respectively. This could be attributed to the historical links and significant presence of military bases in these eastern states.

Finally, Georgia, with 625.3k veterans, and Illinois, with 553.6k veterans, round out the top ten states with the most veterans.

States with the Most Veterans:

  1. California - 1.5M
  2. Texas - 1.4M
  3. Florida - 1.4M
  4. Pennsylvania - 731.4K
  5. Ohio - 685.9K
  6. New York - 676.3K
  7. Virginia - 674.2K
  8. North Carolina - 654.4K
  9. Georgia - 625.3K
  10. Illinois - 553.6K

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