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Friendliest States

Friendliest States

A Nation of Neighborliness

Across the United States, regional culture greatly influences the friendliness of its people. The sense of welcome, courtesy, and civic engagement may differ from state to state, shaping the experiences of visitors, new residents, and locals alike. Our "Friendliest States" ranking, derived from the Politeness Index, offers a comprehensive view of the U.S. states with the kindest and most sociable populations. This ranking is based on the voting of 2.5 million people on Big 7 Travel, who shared their personal experiences of friendly encounters, hospitality, and neighborly relations across the country. 

  • The Upper Midwest seems to have an edge on friendliness, with Minnesota topping the charts as the number one Friendliest State according to the Politeness Index. 
  • Southern hospitality is not just a stereotype. Tennessee and South Carolina secured the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively, indicating a high level of politeness and amicability in these states.
  • Despite its reputation for being independent, the Lone Star State is quite welcoming. Texas ranked 4th, suggesting that the state boasts a high degree of cordiality and amiability. 
  • The coastal states were found to be less friendly on average. New York, known for its hustle and bustle, came in last at 50th position. Other coastal states such as California, Massachusetts, and Florida also ranked in the bottom quarter of the list, suggesting a potential difference in the way friendliness is expressed or experienced in these regions compared to the Midwest and the South. 

10 Friendliest Staes

Topping the chart, Minnesota claims the position as the friendliest state in the U.S. Its Midwestern charm and welcoming locals have earned the state the top spot on the Politeness Index. 

In second is Tennessee, a Southern state that has lived up to its reputation for hospitality. Following closely in third position is South Carolina.

The spirit of Texas is alive and well in the fourth spot. Rounding out the top five is Wyoming. Indiana claims the sixth spot on our list, another Midwestern state where politeness and friendliness are staples of the local culture.

Coming in at seventh on the Politeness Index is Colorado. Known for its natural beauty and outdoor adventures, Colorado also boasts a population known for being welcoming and kind.

Kansas, often dubbed 'the heart of America', secures the eighth spot. Its down-to-earth people and midwestern charm are what make Kansas stand out as one of the friendliest states. Oklahoma, the "Sooner State," comes in ninth on our list proving that the frontier spirit of friendliness and neighborliness is still very much alive. Last, but certainly not least, is Hawaii, securing the tenth position on our list.

10 Friendliest Staes:

  1. Minnesota - #1
  2. Tennessee - #2
  3. South Carolina - #3
  4. Texas - #4
  5. Wyoming - #5
  6. Indiana - #6
  7. Colorado - #7
  8. Kansas - #8
  9. Oklahoma - #9
  10. Hawaii - #10

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