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Friendliest Countries

Friendliest Countries
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A warm smile, a helpful gesture, a welcoming community - these are  aspects of friendliness that turn any journey into a memorable experience. When traversing the globe, every adventurer treasures nations where hospitality extends far beyond a mere courtesy. As an expat or tourist, finding oneself in a country known for its affable and receptive attitudes undoubtedly enhances the experience, making one feel at home and appreciated.

Drawing from the 2021 survey conducted by InterNations, which surveys expats to gauge the friendliness of countries across the globe, we delve into the topic of which nations are most welcoming to foreign visitors. Based on this comprehensive survey involving over 12,000 respondents from 174 nationalities living in 186 countries, we present an overview of the friendliest countries in the world.

  • Portugal, valued for its hospitable and warm people, holds the coveted position as the world's friendliest country.
  • Asian countries make a strong showing in friendliness, with Taiwan, Cambodia, and Vietnam gracing the top 10.
  • Notably, Canada is the only North American country ranked in the top 10.
  • It's interesting that some of the popular tourist destinations, including France, UK, and Italy, fall below the top 50 percentile in friendliness.
  • Interestingly, despite being renowned for their quality of life and social welfare, Nordic countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are ranked relatively low in friendliness, indicating a potential cultural contrast in friendliness norms.

Friendliest Countries in the World

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