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Drug Use by State

Drug Use by State
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Drug use is an enduring issue in American society, its footprint evident in every state, with widespread societal and individual consequences at stake. As the United States grapples with this crisis, it becomes increasingly crucial to assess the extent of substance abuse state by state, understanding existing patterns and regional differences for effective interventions.

Recent data on the prevalence of illicit drug use among adults provides a revealing snapshot of this issue. From the rugged terrains of Colorado to the sandy beaches of Florida, no region remains untouched by the drug crisis.

  • The state with the highest percentage of adults using illicit drugs is Colorado, with a significant 20% of its adult population involved.
  • Many states with high percentage of drug use are located in New England or the West. In contrast, the states with the lowest percentages are predominantly in the Midwest or South.
  • Only three states, Colorado, Alaska, and Maine, recorded a drug use prevalence percentage above 19%. On the other hand, five states, Utah, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Louisiana, reported percentages below 10%.

States with Highest Drug Use

Topping the list is Colorado, with a whopping 20% of its adult population reportedly using illicit drugs. Right on its heels is Alaska, recording a similar prevalence rate of 19.76%. The state of Maine falls next with 19.42% of its adults engaged in drug use. 

Following closely is Nevada, which reports a considerable 18.29% prevalence. Massachusetts, known for its rich history and academic institutions, is unfortunately also noted for its high drug use, which stands at 17.46%. Montana follows with a prevalence rate of 16.77%, while Oregon has a rate of 16.23%. Further down the list, New Hampshire is close behind with a rate of 16.16%.

Stakes continue to be high across Michigan and Rhode Island, with drug use prevalence rates standing at 16.09% and 16.06% respectively.

States with Highest Drug Use by Adults:

  1. Colorado - 20.00%
  2. Alaska - 19.76%
  3. Maine - 19.42%
  4. Nevada - 18.29%
  5. Massachusetts - 17.46%
  6. Montana - 16.77%
  7. Oregon - 16.23%
  8. New Hampshire - 16.16%
  9. Michigan - 16.09%
  10. Rhode Island - 16.06%

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