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Diesel Fuel Prices By State

Diesel Fuel Prices By State
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Diesel Prices Across the Nation

Diesel fuel plays a pivotal role in powering the transportation sector in the United States. It's the lifeblood of the trucks, planes, and other heavy machinery that help to keep our economy moving and our daily lives functioning normally. However, diesel prices can vary widely from state to state, impacting not only the transportation industry but also the end consumer, as most goods from groceries to clothing are transported to stores and warehouses in diesel-powered vehicles. Therefore, a rise in diesel prices could result in elevated costs for these everyday goods, hitting your wallet at the checkout line.

Key findings:

  • The average diesel price tends to be considerably higher in the Western and North-Eastern states - with Hawaii, California, and Washington topping the list, while prices are lowest in the Southern states, particularly in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • The highest diesel price in the U.S. was observed in Hawaii at $5.64 per gallon, marking a staggering 36% difference when compared to the lowest price found in Texas, which hovered around $3.45 per gallon.
  • Interestingly, despite being an oil-rich state, California reported high diesel prices standing at $5.13 per gallon, likely due to its stringent emission regulations and state taxes.
  • The Midwestern and Great Plains states, including Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, maintain middle-of-the-road diesel prices, possibly due to their central location, reducing transportation costs.

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