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Drivers License Cost By State

Drivers License Cost By State

The Cost of Driving: A State-by-State Breakdown

As an emblem of American freedom and mobility, the driver's license remains a significant document for US residents. However, the cost of obtaining this important piece of identification can vary widely across the nation. Each state in the US sets its own price for a driver's license, resulting in a range of costs from as low as $10 up to almost $90. 

  • The most expensive state to get a driver's license, is Washington, with a charge of $89.00, closely followed by Connecticut and Maryland, each charging $72.00.
  • Conversely, Missouri has the lowest driver's license cost at just $10.00, followed by South Carolina at $12.50 and North Dakota at $15.00.
  • The median cost of a driver's license in the US seems to sit around the $30 mark, with states like Virginia, Iowa, and Georgia all charging $32.00. 
  • Regionally, it appears the Northeast tends to have higher driver's license fees, while license costs in the Midwest and South tend to be lower. However, there are exceptions, as indicated by Washington State in the West, which has the highest cost.
  • The variations in costs reflect the individual approaches of each state to services like driver's education and testing, administration, and infrastructure maintenance, all of which are funded in part by these fees.

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