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Diabetes Rates by Countries

Diabetes Rates by Countries
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Global Trends in Diabetes Rates

Diabetes mellitus, colloquially known as diabetes, is a critical global health concern represented by perpetually high blood sugar levels in the body. This endocrine disorder can be triggered due to the pancreas’s inability to produce sufficient insulin or the cells not responding effectively to insulin. If left untreated or inadequately managed, diabetes can lead to serious health complications. As of 2021, diabetes affects approximately 537 million people worldwide, accounting for over 10% of the adult population.

  • The country with the highest prevalence of diabetes is Pakistan, with a staggering rate of 30.80%.
  • Kuwait and Nauru share the second-highest diabetes rate at 24.90%, followed closely by New Caledonia and the Northern Mariana Islands at 23.40%.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, Benin has the lowest rate of diabetes at just 1.10%. This could be insightful for understanding lifestyle, dietary habits, or healthcare practices that contribute to lower prevalence.
  • High-income countries like the United States and the United Arab Emirates have a diabetes prevalence rate of 10.70% and 16.40%, respectively.

Countries with the Highest Diabetes Rate

Topping the list with the highest rate of diabetes is Pakistan, where a striking 30.80% of the population suffers from this endocrine disorder. 

Kuwait follows Pakistan in second place with a diabetes rate of 24.90%. Similarly, the Pacific island nations of Nauru, New Caledonia, and the Northern Mariana Islands all share a high diabetes rate—which is 23.40%.

Further biometric data establishes a diabetes rate of 23% in the Marshall Islands, while Mauritius records a slightly lower rate of 22.60%. Egypt has a heavy prevalence of diabetes with a rate of 20.90%, reflecting the growing concern of the disease in Middle Eastern countries.

The Solomon Islands and Qatar close out the top ten list with diabetes rates of 19.80% and 19.50% respectively.

High Diabetes Rate Countries:

  1. Pakistan - 30.80%
  2. Kuwait - 24.90%
  3. Nauru - 23.40%
  4. New Caledonia - 23.40%
  5. Northern Mariana Islands - 23.40%
  6. Marshall Islands - 23.00%
  7. Mauritius - 22.60%
  8. Egypt - 20.90%
  9. Solomon Islands - 19.80%
  10. Qatar - 19.50%

Countries with the Lowest Diabetes Rate

Firstly, Turks and Caicos Islands, Sint Maarten, and Saint Martin each report a diabetes rate of 0%. However, these statistics should be looked at with caution considering the smaller population size and potential limitations in data collection in these regions.

Following the aforementioned territories is the West African nation of Benin which has an impressive low diabetes rate of only 1.10%.

Closely following Benin is the Gambia, reporting a low diabetes prevalence of 1.90%. Notably, four African nations - Zimbabwe, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Mauritania - possess a similar diabetes rate of 2.10%. Lastly, Mali also once again demonstrates the low prevalence of diabetes found in several African nations with its 2.10% rate.

Countries with the Lowest Diabetes Rate:

  1. Turks and Caicos Islands - 0%
  2. Sint Maarten - 0%
  3. Saint Martin - 0%
  4. Benin - 1.10%
  5. Gambia - 1.90%
  6. Zimbabwe - 2.10%
  7. Togo - 2.10%
  8. Sierra Leone - 2.10%
  9. Mauritania - 2.10%
  10. Mali - 2.10%

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