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Debt To GDP Ratio By Country

Debt To GDP Ratio By Country

A Global Perspective on Debt-to-GDP

Understanding a country's economic health requires a comprehensive view of various indicators, one of the most critical being the Debt-to-GDP ratio. This ratio, an indicator of an economy's health and sustainability, measures a country's debt compared to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A lower percentage indicates that a country produces a sufficient amount as goods and services annually to pay back its debts, pointing to better economic stability. 

In the United States, the Debt-to-GDP ratio has been a significant concern for economists and policymakers. As of this year, the United States' Debt-to-GDP ratio stands at 128.1%, positioning it 14th in rankings of the highest Debt-to-GDP ratios worldwide. 

Key findings from the data include:

  • Japan has the highest Debt-to-GDP ratio globally at a staggering 259.4%. 
  • Countries like Sudan and Greece also have high ratios, charting at 200.4% and 194.5% respectively. 
  • On the other end of the spectrum, countries like Hong Kong and Brunei maintain remarkably low Debt-to-GDP ratios, at 2.1% and 2.5% respectively. 
  • Comparatively, emerging economies like India maintain a moderate ratio of 89.2%, indicating a balance in their economic output and national debt.

These figures demonstrate the wide disparities between different countries' economies and the varying approaches to economic stability and growth worldwide. A deeper examination of these numbers can provide policy-makers, economists, and scholars with valuable insights into global economic health and individual countries' financial resilience.

Countries With the Highest Debt to GDP

The topic of Debt to GDP ratio is crucial when evaluating a country's economic health. The Debt to GDP ratio often indicates a country's ability to pay off its debts. The listed countries have the highest Debt to GDP ratios.

Japan tops the list with a Debt to GDP ratio of 259.4%, meaning their national debt is significantly more than twice their gross domestic product. This is followed by Sudan, with 200.4% Debt to GDP ratio, and Greece, prominent for its economic crisis in recent years, with a ratio of 194.5%.

Eritrea is the next country on the list, having 179.7% debt to GDP ratio. Singapore, known for its strong, innovative economy, has a ratio of 159.9%. Maldives falls in the list too with a Debt to GDP ratio of 154.4%. Lebanon and Italy are not far behind with ratios of 150.6% and 150.3% respectively.

Furthermore, Cape Verde and Barbados make the list too with ratios of 145.1% and 135.4% respectively. 

10 Countries with the Highest Debt to GDP Ratio:

  1. Japan - 259.4%
  2. Sudan - 200.4%
  3. Greece - 194.5%
  4. Eritrea - 179.7%
  5. Singapore - 159.9%
  6. Maldives - 154.4%
  7. Lebanon - 150.6%
  8. Italy - 150.3%
  9. Cape Verde - 145.1%
  10. Barbados - 135.4%

Countries With Lowest Debt to GDP

The ten countries with the lowest debt to GDP ratios are Hong Kong, Brunei, Afghanistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Kuwait, Solomon Islands, DR Congo, and Russia. With the least debt relative to its GDP, Hong Kong leads the list with a debt to GDP ratio of just 2.1%. Following closely behind is Brunei, with a debt to GDP ratio of 2.5%. Afghanistan places third with a ratio of 7.4%, while Timor-Leste has the fourth lowest  at a ratio of 9.4%. 

Moving further down the list, Turkmenistan boasts an 11.1% ratio, while Tuvalu's stands at 11.5%. Kuwait comes in at seventh place with a ratio of 11.7%, while the debt to GDP ratio of Solomon Islands is 13.7%. At the penultimate spot is the DR Congo, with a 16.5% ratio. Finally, rounding up the list is Russia, with a debt to GDP ratio of 17.0%.

The ten countries with the lowest debt to GDP ratios:

  1. Hong Kong - 2.1% Debt to GDP Ratio
  2. Brunei - 2.5% Debt to GDP Ratio
  3. Afghanistan - 7.4% Debt to GDP Ratio
  4. Timor-Leste - 9.4% Debt to GDP Ratio
  5. Turkmenistan - 11.1% Debt to GDP Ratio
  6. Tuvalu - 11.5% Debt to GDP Ratio
  7. Kuwait - 11.7% Debt to GDP Ratio
  8. Solomon Islands - 13.7% Debt to GDP Ratio
  9. DR Congo - 16.5% Debt to GDP Ratio
  10. Russia - 17.0% Debt to GDP Ratio

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The data points presented are defined as follows:

  • Debt to GPD Ratio - A comparison of a country's public debt to its gross domestic product (GDP).

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