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GDP Per Capita By Country

GDP Per Capita By Country
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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita provides a snapshot of the wealth of a nation, relative to its population. It offers a valuable perspective on the average economic output that each person would hypothetically contribute if all residents in a nation were to have equal claims on the nation's GDP. 

The data paints a picture of vast disparities, challenging realities, and intriguing consistencies. It reveals some of the world's wealthiest nations, brimming with prosperity and economic growth, rubbing shoulders with countries embarking on their journeys of economic expansion or grappling with socio-political unrest and wider financial challenges.

Some notable insights from the data include:

  • The wealthier microstates like Monaco, with a GDP per capita of $178.2K, and Liechtenstein, with $156.5K, top the table. Such states often benefit from beneficial tax regulations and high-income industries.
  • The United States, one of the largest economies in the world, has a GDP per capita of $54.8K, placing it 11th globally. Its robust and diverse economy, with finance, healthcare, and tech sectors leading the charge, contributes to its elevated position.
  • Switzerland, known for its strong economy and finance sector, is the wealthiest among the larger nations with a GDP per capita of $76.0K.
  • High GDP per capita doesn’t necessarily correlate with the world's biggest economies. For instance, China, the world's second-largest economy, has a GDP per capita of just $7.9K, reflecting its large population size.
  • Several economically challenged countries, exemplified by Somalia with $73 GDP per capita, highlight stark economic disparities at the lower end of the spectrum.

An exploration into GDP per capita allows us to not just celebrate economic achievements but also to illuminate the challenges that lie ahead. It enables us to understand the abundance, aspiration, and adversity that frame our global economic narrative.

Countries With Highest GDP Per Capita

Topping the list of countries with the highest GDP per capita is Monaco, with an impressive $178.2K Gross Domestic Product Per Capita. Following closely is Liechtenstein with a GDP per Capita of $156.5K. The third highest comes from Bermuda, reporting a GDP per Capita of $95.6K. Located in Western Europe, Luxembourg comes in at fourth place with an average of $89.5K per person, while Switzerland rounds off the top five with a GDP per Capita of $76.0K.

The rest of the top ten high GDP per Capita countries are Norway with $67.8K, Macau with $64.3K, Ireland with $60.3K, Qatar with $56.1K, and Cayman Islands with $55.5K. 

10 Countries with the Highest GDP per Capita:

  1. Monaco - $178.2K
  2. Liechtenstein - $156.5K
  3. Bermuda - $95.6K
  4. Luxembourg - $89.5K
  5. Switzerland - $76.0K 
  6. Norway - $67.8K
  7. Macau - $64.3K
  8. Ireland - $60.3K
  9. Qatar - $56.1K
  10. Cayman Islands - $55.5K

Countries With The Lowest GDP Per Capita

The countries with the lowest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita are primarily situated in Africa. The country with the lowest GDP per capita is Somalia with a GDP per capita of only $73. Burundi comes second with a GDP per capita of $217 and Malawi ranks third with a GDP per capita of $254. 

Niger and Central African Republic have a GDP per capita of $277 and $315 respectively. Meanwhile, Mozambique's GDP per capita ranks as the sixth lowest in the world with the average standing at $323. The Gambia has a GDP per capita of $356, placing it seventh on the list. 

Madagascar, DR Congo, and Sierra Leone are other countries with low GDP per capita values, standing at $370, $395, and $418 respectively.

10 Countries With The Lowest GDP Per Capita

  1. Somalia - $73 
  2. Burundi - $217 
  3. Malawi - $254 
  4. Niger - $277 
  5. Central African Republic - $315 
  6. Mozambique - $323 
  7. Gambia - $356 
  8. Madagascar - $370 
  9. DR Congo - $395 
  10. Sierra Leone - $418

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The data points presented are defined as follows:

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Capita - A measure of a country's economic output per person. It is calculated by dividing the GDP of a country by its population.

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