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Countries Where Alcohol Is Illegal

Countries Where Alcohol Is Illegal


As universally enchanting as the clinking of glasses sounds, the legal status and consumption of alcohol vary substantially across the globe. An embodiment of cultural expression, religious beliefs, and societal norms, alcohol and its legality can offer unique insights into a nation's social and political landscape. From the restrictions pertaining to the sale, purchase, and consumption of alcohol, to stringent measures completely outlawing it, countries embrace a spectrum of legal frameworks and attitudes toward alcohol. 

  • Countries including Kuwait, Yemen, Somalia, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh have completely banned alcohol. These countries, the majority of which follow a strict interpretation of Islamic Law, outlaw the production, sale, and consumption of alcohol. 
  • A mixture of partially and fully prohibited states, the Middle East and North African (MENA) region exhibits the greatest regional concurrence in terms of alcohol restriction. In general, countries adhering to stricter interpretations of religious law tend to restrict alcohol consumption more heavily.
  • In contrast, numerous other countries such as Indonesia, India, Turkmenistan, Chile, Palestine, Qatar, Malaysia, Oman, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Comoros, Israel, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sudan, Iran, and Iraq adopt a semi-tolerant approach to alcohol, categorizing it as 'partially legal.' 
  • In countries where alcohol is partially legal, laws often differ regionally within the country or have restrictions on who can purchase alcohol, times it can be sold, and the types of alcohol that are legal.

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