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Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal

Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal


Prostitution, known as the world's oldest profession, is a complex issue that ignites a diverse range of views globally. Present in every corner of the world, prostitution raises questions concerning legality, morality, freedom of choice, and societal norms.

  • Countries where prostitution is completely legal include Ecuador, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Uruguay, Turkey, Indonesia, Panama, Eritrea, Peru, Hungary, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, Colombia, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Brazil. These countries have decriminalized all aspects of sex work and do not subject it to special regulations.
  • Among the countries where prostitution is largely illegal are France, Oman, Russia, Palestine, Sweden, Laos, Philippines, Kuwait, Yemen, Barbados, Egypt and many others. These countries adopt the prohibitionist approach where all aspects of sex work are considered illegal.
  • "Limited Legality" was observed in various nations, in these countries, some activities related to prostitution are legal, but others are not. 
  • Countries like the United States and El Salvador exhibit a mixed status — "Illegal/Legal." This situation typically arises in countries where the legality of prostitution varies from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Countries such as Sierra Leone have adopted a more nuanced legalization approach, accentuated by specific regulations around the sex trade.

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