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Cleanest Cities in the U.S.

Cleanest Cities in the U.S.
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The Cleanest Corners of Urban America

Pollution is a grave concern gripping our world today, with our cities often at the forefront of struggle. Our bustling urban landscapes face a continuous onslaught of contaminants that range from fossil fuels to litter, from coal to auditory and visual pollution. These pollutants adversely impact not only our ecosystems but also human health, contributing to a range of non-communicable diseases and deteriorating our quality of life.

But amidst the predominant narrative of environmental concern, there are cities in America that are taking proactive measures to counter this trend. Cities that have successfully prioritized and implemented environmental policies, aiming for less air pollution, less noise, and cleaner environments. As we delve into the 'Cleanliness Ranking' dataset, we will rank the cleanest American cities based on their successful environmental initiatives and overall cleanliness.

  • Out of numerous cities, Honolulu, Hawaii, emerges on top as the cleanest city in America. It's not a coincidence that this city, nestled in the heart of Pacific, holds the title with its stringent environmental measures and an active community that prioritizes cleanliness. 
  • Importantly, clean cities are found in different states and regions across the U.S., signifying the nationwide effort to combat pollution. From Dallas, TX, in the south to Burlington, VT, in the north, the east coast's Wilmington, NC, and Denver, CO in the west.
  • Florida indicates noteworthy progress, housing two of the ten cleanest cities – Orlando and Tampa-St. Petersburg. The state's stringent approach towards maintaining cleanliness undoubtedly contributes to these high rankings.



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