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Amish Population

Amish Population

United States of Amish

Looking at the United States through a unique lens, one comes across a thriving demographic with deep-rooted traditions -- the Amish Community. Spanning across 32 states, the Amish are known for their simple living, plain dress, and technological reluctance. In 2022, the Amish population consisted of Old or New Order Amish with settlements across a significant part of the United States, embracing their traditional lifestyle. Despite their harmony with past norms, the Amish community is growing, showing a remarkable three percent per annum population increase given their average family size of seven children and a church-member retention rate of approximately 80%.

According to data, the Amish have an undeniable presence in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, which hosts two-thirds of the entire Amish community. Here, they've built significant settlements like Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, Holmes county in Ohio, and Elkhart and Lagrange counties in Indiana. 

Key findings from the data include: 

  • Pennsylvania holds the vast majority of the Amish population, standing at 86,965, closely followed by Ohio with 81,730, and Indiana with 62,800. 
  • Wisconsin and New York follow the top three with significantly less dense populations of 24,105 and 22,550 respectively. 
  • The Amish community is widely dispersed with fewer numbers towards the southern and western states, with Texas having the lowest recorded Amish population of just 70. 
  • Midwestern states such as Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri host moderate Amish populations, ranging from 7,760 to 17,920. 
  • Interestingly, even less dense states, such as Idaho and Vermont, each hold a small presence of around 100 Amish individuals.

States with the Most Amish People

Claiming the top spot is the state of Pennsylvania, hosting a hefty Amish population of 86,965. This sizeable group thrives thanks to its multiple settlements, the most notable one being Lancaster County, which is the largest Amish settlement in not just the state, but the entire U.S.

Just behind Pennsylvania, we have Ohio, with an Amish population of 81,730. Home to the famous Holmes County, Ohio provides its Amish community a serene environment that aligns well with their simple and peaceful lifestyle.

Placed third is the state of Indiana, holding an Amish population of 62,800. The Elkhart and Lagrange counties are two key locales with a significant Amish presence.

Next, we have Wisconsin and New York, each boasting considerable Amish populations of 24,105 and 22,550, respectively.

Additionally, the midwestern states of Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois anchor moderate Amish populations ranging from 7,760 in Illinois to 17,920 in Michigan.

Finally, we wrap up the list with Iowa, Kentucky, and Minnesota. These states, while perhaps surprising to some, hold Amish populations of 10,205, 14,835, and 7,760 respectively.

States with the Most Amish:

  1. Pennsylvania - 86,965
  2. Ohio - 81,730
  3. Indiana - 62,800
  4. Wisconsin - 24,105
  5. New York - 22,550
  6. Michigan - 17,920
  7. Missouri - 15,520
  8. Kentucky - 14,835
  9. Iowa - 10,205
  10. Illinois - 7,760

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