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Average Height By State

Average Height By State

Height Across America

Understanding the human height landscape across different states in America provides an insightful narrative into the unique height variances that shape the country. The United States is known for its diverse geographical, cultural, and racial profile that reveals interesting patterns when looking into average height data across states. This article in particular, explores the data derived from the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), harnessing this extensive sampling to understand the geographical distribution of average height across each state. 

The BRFSS survey incorporates variables such as health-related risk behaviors, the presence of chronic health conditions, and the application of preventative health services like diet and exercise routines - all of which have been found to significantly impact height. Key insights drawn from the data offer a nuanced view of the average height by state, illuminating how genetic, racial, nutritional and geographical factors interplay to shape an individual's height.

Key findings from the data include: 

  • The states of Montana and Utah share the highest average height, with residents standing at an impressive 5'7.7". 
  • The heights across different states show a relatively close range with the top 25 states in the list all recording average heights above 5'7". 
  • The data shows a moderate trend of Western and Midwestern states, like Oregon, North Dakota, Iowa and more, having a slightly taller average height compared to the other regions.
  • The lowest average height of 5'6" was observed in Hawaii. This could be partially due to its racial demographics as Asian and Hispanic populations, which form a considerable part of Hawaii's population, tend to have shorter average heights. 
  • Despite Alabama's larger population of black and white races - groups known for their taller average heights, the state's overall average height is listed lower at 5'6.9".

Tallest States in the U.S.

The two states at the top are Montana and Utah, both boasting an average height of 5'7.7". 

Minnesota, Oregon, North Dakota, Alaska, Iowa, and South Dakota follow closely behind, all having an average height of 5'7.5". Completing the top ten states with the highest average height are Colorado and Kansas, with an average height of 5'7.4". 

10 Tallest States in the U.S.:

  1. Montana - 5'7.7" 
  2. Utah - 5'7.7" 
  3. Minnesota - 5'7.5"
  4. Oregon - 5'7.5" 
  5. North Dakota - 5'7.5" 
  6. Alaska - 5'7.5" 
  7. Iowa - 5'7.5" 
  8. South Dakota - 5'7.5" 
  9. Colorado - 5'7.4" 
  10. Kansas - 5'7.4"

Shortest States in the U.S

The states with the shortest average heights are Connecticut, Nevada, Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, California, New York, Arkansas, and Massachusetts. 

Leading the list is Hawaii, with the lowest average height of 5'6". This may be attributed to its significant Asian and Hispanic populations, who tend to have shorter average heights.

Connecticut's average height comes closely in comparison at 5'6.9", while Nevada reported an average height of 5'7.1", making these the states with the second and third lowest average heights, respectively.

New Mexico and Rhode Island still remain within the 5'6" range, observing averages of 5'6.4" and 5'6.5" respectively. The residents of New Hampshire, California, New York, Arkansas, and Massachusetts all have average heights that are just a bit taller with a range between 5'6.6" and 5'6.8".

10 Shortest States:

  1. Hawaii - 5'6"
  2. Connecticut - 5'6.9"
  3. Nevada - 5'7.1"
  4. New Mexico - 5'6.4"
  5. Rhode Island - 5'6.5"
  6. New Hampshire - 5'6.6"
  7. California - 5'6.7"
  8. New York - 5'6.7"
  9. Arkansas - 5'6.8"
  10. Massachusetts - 5'6.8"

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