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Autism Rates By Country

Autism Rates By Country

Autism Around the World

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a complex neurodevelopmental condition, permeates every society on earth, affecting the lives of individuals and their families across geographic, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries. Despite its wide prevalence, there is a stark global disparity in the rates of autism, shaped by a myriad of factors including differences in diagnostic criteria, the availability of services, and societal acceptance and awareness of the disorder.

Recent data on autism rates showcase a distinctive landscape of these diagnoses across the globe. Our article will present an overview of this varied global scenario and delve into the factors influencing these rates.

Key findings from the data include:

  • The top three countries with the highest reported autism rates are Qatar (151 per 10,000 individuals), followed by the United Arab Emirates (112 per 10,000), and Oman (107 per 10,000). This high prevalence in Middle Eastern countries could possibly be influenced by increased awareness and diagnostic opportunities, or by environmental and genetic factors yet to be fully understood.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, France shows a notably low rate (69 per 10,000), which raises questions on whether autism is under diagnosed or less prevalent in this region.
  • Despite being a developed country with robust healthcare facilities, the United States stands at 81 per 10,000, not categorizing it among the nations with the highest autism rates. This rate, while still substantial, potentially results from the implementation of comprehensive diagnostic criteria combined with heightened public awareness and understanding of the disorder.
  • Rates in Scandinavian countries like Sweden (91 per 10,000) are relatively high, likely due to an inclusive diagnostic approach and widespread autism-targeted initiatives.
  • It's observable that autism rates vary extensively even among neighboring countries – considerations that will be explored in detail in this discussion.

The nuances of Autism Spectrum Disorder make it challenging to provide a uniform global assessment. Thus, understanding these diverse rates of autism worldwide is vital in advocating for better global access to diagnosis and appropriate support for each individual on the autism spectrum.

Countries With Highest Autism Rates

ait, Jordan, Syria, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Qatar holds the highest rate with 151 per 10,000 individuals diagnosed. Followed closely by United Arab Emirates, standing at an autism rate of 112 per 10,000 individuals. 

The third highest is Oman, with an autism rate of 107 per 10,000 individuals. Bahrain is next, possessing an autism rate of 103 per 10,000 individuals. Saudi Arabia has the fifth highest rate, with an average of 101 individuals per 10,000 diagnosed with autism.

Coming up next - Kuwait, with a rate of 98/10,000, and both Jordan and Syria report a rate of 92 diagnoses per 10,000 individuals. Wrapping up this list are Afghanistan and Palestine, both having an autism rate of 91 cases per 10,000 individuals.

10 Countries with the Highest Autism Rates per 10k Individuals:

  1. Qatar - 151
  2. United Arab Emirates - 112 
  3. Oman - 107
  4. Bahrain - 103
  5. Saudi Arabia - 101 
  6. Kuwait - 98
  7. Jordan - 92 
  8. Syria - 92 
  9. Afghanistan - 91
  10. Palestine - 91 

Countries With The Lowest Autism Rates

The ten countries with the lowest reported rates of autism are France, Portugal, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Belgium, and Spain. Of these, France has the lowest rate, with 69 individuals diagnosed with autism per 10,000. Portugal has a slightly higher rate at 71 individuals diagnosed per 10,000. Iceland, Norway, Italy, Germany, and Greece all have equivalent autism rates, at 72 diagnosed individuals per 10,000. Austria, Belgium, and Spain have slightly higher rates, at 73 diagnosed individuals per 10,000. 

The ten lowest reported autism rates per 10,000:

  1. France - 69 
  2. Portugal - 71 
  3. Iceland - 72 
  4. Norway - 72 
  5. Italy - 72 
  6. Germany - 72 
  7. Greece - 72 
  8. Austria - 73
  9. Belgium - 73 
  10. Spain - 73 

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