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Wind Power by Country

Wind Power by Country

Power of the Wind Around the Globe

Harnessing the power of the wind as a renewable source of electricity has changed the energy landscape remarkably since the beginning of this millennium. Surpassing 900GW total installed generation capacity worldwide at the end of 2022, wind power is an effective response to the urgent call for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. As of 2022, more than half of the new wind power installations were witnessed outside of Europe and North America—in rapidly growing economies like China and India—with wind power being commercially leveraged in more than half of all the world's countries.

Notably, China has secured a firm hold over wind power capacity, boasting over 40% of the world's capacity. Further, European countries, such as Denmark, continue to exemplify the seamless integration of wind power into energy portfolios, with 55% of Denmark's electricity sourced from wind in 2022. Yet, emerging regions, including the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, are increasing their wind power capacities, demonstrating a global shift towards this renewable energy source.

Key findings from the data include:

  • China continues to dominate wind power generation with 466.5 MWh, followed by the United States at 341.4 MWh, and Germany at 132.1 MWh. 
  • Denmark, while ranking 15th in total wind power generation, leads the world in terms of the share of electricity generated from wind, highlighting its successful integration of this renewable energy source.
  • Emerging wind power markets, such as Brazil, India, and Mexico, hold their own against traditional markets, ranking in the top 13 globally. This signifies a positive shift towards renewable energy in these rapidly developing economies.
  • Notably, Latvia experienced a 75% growth in wind capacity in 2022, the highest percentage increase among all countries, indicating substantial progress towards renewable energy integration.
  • In the context of regional growth, the Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, and Africa saw their combined contributions to wind power generation increase from 8% to a promising 10% in 2022.

Countries Producing the Most Wind Energy

China, the global leader in wind energy generation, produced a staggering 466.5 MWh in 2022, accounting for over 40% of the world's wind energy. Hot on China's heels, the United States generated 341.4 MWh, making it the second largest producer of wind energy. Germany, with a recorded wind energy production of 132.1 MWh, remained one of Europe's front-runners in wind power generation and took the third place.

The United Kingdom secured the fourth spot with 75.4 MWh, continuing to show Europe's persistent efforts in harnessing wind energy. Notably, India, an emerging market in wind energy, held its own against traditional markets, ranking fifth with 60.4 MWh. Brazil, another rapidly growing economy, generated 57.1 MWh of wind power, just ahead of Spain's 56.4 MWh. 

France and Canada trail closely, generating 39.7 MWh and 35.6 MWh respectively. 

Countries Producing the Most Wind Energy:

  1. China - 466.5 MWh 
  2. United States - 341.4 MWh 
  3. Germany - 132.1 MWh 
  4. United Kingdom - 75.4 MWh 
  5. India - 60.4 MWh 
  6. Brazil - 57.1 MWh 
  7. Spain - 56.4 MWh 
  8. France - 39.7 MWh 
  9. Canada - 35.6 MWh 
  10. Sweden - 27.5 MWh

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