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Semiconductor Manufacturing By Country

Semiconductor Manufacturing By Country

The Landscape of Semiconductor Manufacturing Worldwide

The semiconductor industry is the cornerstone of the modern digital age, underpinning advances in a diverse range of sectors, from communication to transportation, healthcare to defense. A keen understanding of the global semiconductor manufacturing landscape is crucial given its importance to everything we do in today's interconnected world, where a chip shortage can disrupt entire markets and economies.

According to recent public data, different countries across the world host varying numbers of semiconductor fabrication plants - specialized factories where these essential components are created. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of these fabrication plants are not concentrated in a single country.

Key findings from the data include:

  • With 102 fabrication plants, Japan leads the way in hosting the maximum number of semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Its dominance in the semiconductor industry is further reaffirmed by the presence of leading companies calling the country home, such as Sony and Toshiba.
  • Taiwan, often synonymously associated with semiconductor manufacturing due to TSMC - the world's largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, follows close behind Japan with 77 plants.
  • The United States, with some of the world's most well-known semiconductor companies such as Intel and Texas Instruments, currently has 76 fabrication plants.
  • With its ambitious plans to become self-sufficient in semiconductor manufacturing, China is fast establishing itself in the global semiconductor landscape and currently hosts 70 fabrication plants.
  • Germany leads the way in Europe with 20 plants and is home to Infineon, one of Europe's largest manufacturers of semiconductors.

Looking at these findings, it becomes increasingly clear that semiconductor manufacturing is genuinely a global endeavor. Despite geopolitical tensions and regional disparities, the necessity for a robust and reliable supply of semiconductors seems to have led to widespread global investment and development in this critical industry.

Largest Chip Manufacturing Countries

With an impressive count of 102 fabrication plants, Japan stands tall as the leading country in the semiconductor industry. Home to industry giants like Sony and Toshiba, Japan's prominent role in the sector is well established.

Followed closely by Japan, Taiwan hosts 77 fabrication plants. It's no surprise that Taiwan boasts such figures, given that it houses the world’s largest dedicated independent semiconductor foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). TSMC alone is responsible for the production of roughly 50% of the world's semiconductors.

The United States, home to heavyweight companies like Intel and Texas Instruments, has 76 fabrication plants. Despite housing fewer production facilities than Taiwan or Japan, the US holds approximately 46.3 percent of the total semiconductor market share thanks to a lucrative industry that contributed $62 billion USD to its economy in 2021.

China, with its clear goal of becoming self-sufficient in semiconductor manufacturing, is a key player with 70 fabrication plants. It aims to single-handedly produce up to 25% of the world's semiconductors by 2030.

Leading the way in Europe is Germany with 20 plants, boasting its place through leading European semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon.

Largest Chip Manufacturing Countries (based on number of factories): 

  1. Japan - 102
  2. Taiwan - 77
  3. United States - 76
  4. China - 70
  5. Germany - 20
  6. South Korea - 15
  7. United Kingdom - 12
  8. Malaysia - 7
  9. Netherlands - 4
  10. Israel - 4 

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