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Whitest Cities in America

Whitest Cities in America
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The Composition of Whiteness in U.S. Cities

Racial diversity, or lack thereof, significantly shape the cultural, socio-economic, and political characteristics of cities. Understanding the racial demographics of America’s cities gives us insight into these factors. An interesting facet of those demographics is the cities with the highest percentages of White Americans. Here, we've compiled a list of American cities with the highest concentration of this demographic, represented as a percentage of the total city population. 

The concept of 'White' as a racial classification historically referred to individuals of European descent, but has expanded over time to include people of Middle Eastern and North African descent. Currently, 'White Americans' comprise about 76.5% of the total US population (which includes both Hispanic Whites and non-Hispanic Whites). Non-Hispanic Whites, without Hispanophone ancestry, make up approximately 60.4% of the national populace. 

Key findings from our dataset include:

  • The concentration of White Americans in cities significantly surpasses the national average of 76.5%. Laredo, TX, ranks first with a concentration of 95.4% White Americans.
  • Four of the top five whitest cities in America are in the South or the West--two regions with notably higher Hispanic populations, indicating that a significant portion of these cities' White populations may be Hispanic Whites.
  • Regional patterns show that Texas and Arizona are home to many of the whitest cities in America, with 6 of the top 13 cities located in these two states.
  • Interestingly, cities with high Hispanic White population percentages still have high overall White percentages, illustrating the complexity and nuance of racial classification and identity in the United States.



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