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Trump Approval Rating By State

Trump Approval Rating By State

Trump's Legacy: Coast to Coast

Understanding public sentiment regarding a presidency is an essential factor in any democratic society as it sets the tone not just for ensuing administrative decisions but also for future electoral mandates. Polls, such as 'Approval Ratings,' are crucial instruments that capture this sentiment. These polls provide valuable insights into the President’s performance as adjudged by the public.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Despite an overall decrease in Trump’s approval rate since his presidency, several states maintained a steady high rating. This is particularly true for states such as Alabama and Wyoming, both exhibiting a strong approval rating at 62%, and West Virginia at 61%.
  • Swing states, instrumental in determining the election results and President Trump's 2016 victory, illustrated a decline in approval ratings. Notably, Wisconsin where the approval rating was 43%, Michigan at 43%, and Pennsylvania at 48%. 
  • Elevating more regional disparities, Trump’s approval ratings varied across coastal states. East Coast states like Maine and New Jersey recorded approval ratings of 46% and 42%, respectively, while West Coast states exhibited lower ratings with Oregon and California at 38% and 34%.
  • Interestingly, Vermont stood out with the lowest approval rating for Trump at 29%, reflecting a broad discontent with his administration within the state.
  • States that are usually Republican strongholds like Texas and Florida showed slight reductions with approval ratings at 52% and 50%, indicating moderate public sentiment.

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