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STD Rates By Country

STD Rates By Country
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A Deeper Dive into Global STD Rates

Analyzing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) rates by country offers keen insight into specific cultural, societal, and behavioral trends emerging globally. Notably, STDs are a poignant health issue worldwide, posing risks like neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, infertility, and cancers. 

Several key findings gleaned from the dataset are as follows:

  • South Africa, Botswana, and Lesotho—three countries located in the Southern region of Africa—report the highest STD rates worldwide.
  • Interestingly, regions known for their wealth, such as Bermuda, rank significantly high for 'STD Rates Per 100k People'.
  • The United States, often touted for its advanced healthcare and sexual health education, ranks at 77th place.
  • The countries with the lowest STD rates, are predominantly in South Asia and the Middle East. This may reflect cultural norms around sexual conduct, effective sexual health policies, or potentially underreported data due to societal stigma or weak surveillance systems.
  • Surprisingly, Afghanistan, a country plagued by decades of conflict and infrastructural challenges, reports the second-lowest STD rate. While this might reflect some positive trends, it could also point toward under-diagnosis or under-reporting due to lack of medical facilities or fear of stigma.

Countries with the Highest STD Rates

Leading with the highest reported rates of STDs per 100,000 people is South Africa with a staggering rate of 37,272. Following closely are Botswana and Lesotho with STD rates of 34,105 and 32,472, respectively. These countries, all located in the southern region of Africa, underscore a critical call for action and the need for resources in tackling the spread of STDs.

Surprisingly, Bermuda - an affluent region - ranks fourth, reporting an STD rate of 32,364 per 100,000 people. Brazil, with its vibrant culture and sizeable population, is fifth on the list with a rate of 31,745 per 100,000. The African nation of Gabon reports an STD rate of 31,451, followed closely by the island nation of Barbados with a figure of 30,968.

The U.S territory of Puerto Rico reports a rate of 30,910, while the small African nation of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) has an STD rate of 30,865 per 100,000 people. Finalizing the list of the top ten countries, Cuba reports a rate of 30,769, shedding light on the global reach of the STD issue.

Countries with Highest STD Rates per 100k people:

  1. South Africa - 37,272
  2. Botswana - 34,105
  3. Lesotho - 32,472
  4. Bermuda - 32,364
  5. Brazil - 31,745
  6. Gabon - 31,451
  7. Barbados - 30,968
  8. Puerto Rico - 30,910
  9. Eswatini - 30,865
  10. Cuba - 30,769

Countries with the Lowest STD Rates

From the data, we observe that South Asian countries make up the majority of the top ten countries with the lowest STD rates. Leading the list is Pakistan, holding the 192nd position with a rate of 7,421 STD cases per 100,000 people. This low rate suggests a possible combination of effective sexual health policies, cultural norms around sexual conduct, or potential underreporting due societal stigma or inadequate surveillance.

With an STD rate of 8,889 per 100,000, Afghanistan holds 191st place globally. Despite the country's prolonged periods of conflict and infrastructural challenges, they maintain an unusually low STD rate.

Israel, Nepal, and Bangladesh follow closely, each with STD rates of 9,454, 9,585, and 10,038 per 100,000, respectively. Further down the list, we find Bhutan, Yemen, and India, each with STD rates of 10,425, 10,648, and 10,763 per 100,000 correspondingly. The United Kingdom is a surprising entrant in this list, occupying the 184th position with an STD rate of 10,886. Historically concentrating on robust STD awareness campaigns and sexual health policies, the UK has successfully maintained lower STD rates compared to other developed countries. Finally, Palestine concludes the list with an STD rate of 11,201.9.

Countries with the Lowest STD rates (per 100k people):

  1. Pakistan - 7,421
  2. Afghanistan - 8,889
  3. Israel - 9,454
  4. Nepal - 9,585
  5. Bangladesh - 10,038
  6. Bhutan - 10,425
  7. Yemen - 10,648
  8. India - 10,763
  9. United Kingdom - 10,886
  10. Palestine - 11,201

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