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States where Radar Detectors are Illegal

States where Radar Detectors are Illegal
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Radar Detectors - A Tale of Two Sides

For those with a heavier foot on the gas pedal, radar detectors have proven to be effective tools. Acting as an early warning system against speed detection implementations, these devices can alert a driver to the imminent presence of such checks within a certain vicinity. But, are radar detectors legal? The answer depends, and mainly lies within the jurisdiction of each state in the Unites States. 

Key findings:

  • A broad majority of the states featured in the dataset allow the use of radar detectors, with an overwhelming 48 states having deemed them legal. 
  • Interestingly, radar detectors have only two adversaries nationwide: Virginia and Mississippi. These states stand alone in their decision to prohibit radar detectors. 
  • Across the board, radar detector usage seems to be a widely accepted practice. While you might think that heavier populated states or those with dense city centers would have different laws, this is not the case. From New York to California, radar detectors are legal. 
  • On a more detailed note, states such as California, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania permit radar detectors but have laws that ban their mounting on windshields due to potential driver distraction and obstruction of view.

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