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Snowiest States

Snowiest States

America's Snowiest States

For many, winter means one thing: snow. When the temperature falls below the freezing point, and atmospheric conditions are just right, it can create beautifully serene landscapes and epic opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts. However, this natural phenomenon varies widely across the United States, with some states seeing an abundance of the white stuff, while others receive little to none.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Topping the list is New Hampshire, which is crowned as the nation's snowiest state with an average annual snowfall of a whopping 174.35 inches. The other two states rounding out the top three, Maine and Vermont, also belong to the New England region, confirming the area's reputation as a winter wonderland.
  • A connection can be observed between many of the states that score high on the list and their proximity to large bodies of water such as the Great Lakes. For instance, Michigan, with an average of 70.38 inches of snow, and New York, with 61.21 inches, both demonstrate the well-known 'lake effect' snow phenomenon, thanks to their proximity to the Great Lakes.
  • Alaska, while one of the coldest states in the U.S., didn't feature as high on snowfall as one might expect. Its average annual snowfall of 79.6 inches places it fourth in the lineup. This highlights that high snowfall isn't solely tied to colder temperatures, but also depends on factors like moisture levels and atmospheric lift. 
  • Hawai'i stands as the only U.S. state where no snowfall is recorded on average. However, if one were to venture up to the Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa peaks, they'd surely find a snowy surprise.
  • States in the southern region like Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi, with less than 2 inches of snow each year, underline the regional difference in snowfall across the U.S.

10 Snowiest States

Topping the list with the highest average Annual Snowfall is New Hampshire, establishing it as the snowiest state in the United States with a dazzling 174.35 inches of snow each year. Following closely, Maine blankets itself with an average of 92 inches of the white stuff annually, holding the second position.

Vermont, graced with 80.2 inches of snow annually, sets it as the third snowiest state. Alaska, which is surprisingly fourth on the list, sees an average of 79.6 inches of snow each year despite being one of the coldest states. Wyoming claims the fifth spot with a respectable 77.33 inches of snowfall on a yearly average.

Michigan witnesses plentiful 'lake effect' snowfalls, with an annual average snowfall of 70.38 inches, making it the sixth snowiest state. New York state also experiences this phenomenon and ranks seventh with an average snowfall of 61.21 inches.

The states with the eighth, ninth, and tenth highest snowfalls are Utah, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, with annual averages of 58.2, 57.76, and 57.67 inches respectively.

10 Snowiest States based on 'Average Annual Snowfall':

  1. New Hampshire - 174.35 inches
  2. Maine - 92 inches
  3. Vermont - 80.2 inches
  4. Alaska - 79.6 inches
  5. Wyoming - 77.33 inches
  6. Michigan - 70.38 inches
  7. New York - 61.21 inches
  8. Utah - 58.2 inches
  9. Minnesota - 57.76 inches
  10. Massachusetts - 57.67 inches

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