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Best Weather By State

Best Weather By State
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Rays of Sunshine: The Best Weather by State

For many of us, the landscape of daily life is greatly influenced by the weather. Whether we're planning a picnic, bundling up for a winter walk, or considering a move to a new state, weather plays an essential role. The United States, with its varied geographical layout and expansive territory, experiences a wide range of weather patterns. For individuals who have a proclivity for abundant sunlight, certain states offer a more desirable climate. Our list rankings are based on this sunny day metric, showcasing which states bask in the most sunlight.

Key findings:

  • Arizona, known for its desert climate, tops the list with an astounding 193 sunny days per year.
  • The Southwestern states - including New Mexico, Nevada, and California - consistently rank high for sunniness, with 167, 158, and 146 sunny days, respectively. These states offer a warm, dry climate and plenty of sunny days.
  • However, the distribution of sunny states is not confined to the Southwestern region. Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas from the South and Midwest also rank within the top ten states for sunshine.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Vermont has the fewest sunny days, with an average of 58 per year. The Northeastern states, including New York, Oregon, and West Virginia, have fewer sunny days overall.
  • Lastly, whether you desire a balanced four-season climate or a constant summer-like atmosphere, states such as California and Florida host wonderful beach cities that offer an ample sunny climate throughout the year.

10 States with the Best Weather

Topping our list is Arizona, with an outstanding average of 193 sunny days annually. Second on the list is New Mexico, with a yearly average of 167 sunny days. The "Silver State" of Nevada follows closely, basking in the sun for 158 days per year. 

In the renowned "Golden State", California, you can expect to enjoy 146 sunny days annually. Mid-western state Oklahoma brings in 139 sunny days, followed by the mountainous Colorado, lit with sun for 136 days out of the year.

At the heart of the South, Texas characterized by its variable climate, enjoys 135 sunny days per year. Kansas in the Midwest, stands eighth with an average of 128 sunny days, while Utah enjoys 125, despite having a largely desert terrain. Rounding out our top ten is Arkansas with an annual average of 123 sunny days.

10 States with Best Weather (Based on Sunny Days):

  1. Arizona - 193
  2. New Mexico - 167
  3. Nevada - 158
  4. California - 146
  5. Oklahoma - 139
  6. Colorado - 136
  7. Texas - 135
  8. Kansas - 128
  9. Utah - 125
  10. Arkansas - 123

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