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Smoking Rates By Country

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Global Tobacco Use

Tobacco use represents a significant global public health issue. Despite increasing public awareness campaigns about the health risks associated with smoking, tobacco consumption remains a persistent habit for many worldwide. This article provides a comprehensive overview of smoking rates by country, spotlighting the prevalence of smoking, and how national figures on tobacco use compare around the globe.

Here are some key findings from the data:

  • The countries with the highest smoking rates include Nauru (52.1%), Kiribati (52.0%), and Tuvalu (48.7%). The prevalence of smoking in these small island countries could be impacted by a variety of factors, including cultural influences and the availability of public health interventions.
  • The United States exhibits a smoking rate of 25.1%, putting it in the mid-range when compared to other nations worldwide.
  • Myanmar's smoking rate at 45.5% and Chile's at 44.7% highlights the significant percentage of smokers in these countries despite tobacco control measures taken in recent years.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, countries like Nigeria (4.8%), Ethiopia (4.6%), and Ghana (3.7%) have the lowest smoking rates. This might be due to a combination of cultural, economic, and regulatory factors.
  • Amid the countries reporting higher smoking rates, there exists a wide diversity, from South-East Asian countries like Myanmar to European nations like Greece and Bulgaria. This demonstrates that the challenge of tobacco use affects regions across the world, regardless of developed status or geography.

Taking note of these statistics and reasons behind them is instrumental in tailoring suitable interventions to curb smoking habits across the globe. Factors such as cultural norms, income levels, age demographics, and public health policies are all crucial elements that must be considered when tackling the global smoking problem.

Top Smoking Countries

Here's a look at the countries with the highest smoking rates based on the available data. For ease of understanding, we have listed out the top ten countries with their respective smoking rates.

Topping the list is the small island nation of Nauru, having a smoking rate of 52.1%, followed closely by another Pacific island, Kiribati, with a smoking rate of 52.0%. The third spot belongs to Tuvalu, having a 48.7% smoking rate.

In Asia, Myanmar takes the lead with a 45.5% smoking rate, followed by Bangladesh at 39.1%. European nations Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria also made it to the list with Serbia having a 40.6% smoking rate, Greece at 39.1%, and Bulgaria at 38.9%.

In the Middle East, Lebanon has a smoking rate of 42.6%. In South America, Chile is marked by one of the highest smoking rates at 44.7%. 

10 Countries with the Highest Smoking Rates:

1. Nauru - 52.1%

2. Kiribati - 52.0%

3. Tuvalu - 48.7%

4. Myanmar - 45.5%

5. Chile - 44.7%

6. Lebanon - 42.6%

7. Serbia - 40.6%

8. Bangladesh - 39.1%

9. Greece - 39.1%

10. Bulgaria - 38.9%


Coming to the lower end of the spectrum, the ten countries with the lowest smoking rates are Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Panama, Eritrea, Benin, Togo, Colombia, and Sweden. 

Ghana records the lowest smoking rate with merely 3.7% of its population indulging in smoking. Ethiopia is next in the list with 4.6% of its population being smokers. Nigeria is not far behind Ethiopia, holding a smoking rate of 4.8%.

Also in the list is Sao Tome and Principe where 5.4% of the population partakes in smoking. In Panama, the smoking rate is slightly higher at 6.9%. Eritrea and Benin share the same rate of 7.2% followed by Togo where 7.6% of its population smokes.

Colombia lands at the penultimate position with a smoking rate of 7.9%. Last but not least, Sweden has a smoking rate of 8.0%, making it the tenth country with the lowest smoking rate. 

The ten countries with the lowest smoking rates:

  1. Ghana - 3.7%
  2. Ethiopia - 4.6%
  3. Nigeria - 4.8%
  4. Sao Tome and Principe - 5.4%
  5. Panama - 6.9%
  6. Eritrea - 7.2%
  7. Benin - 7.2%
  8. Togo - 7.6%
  9. Colombia - 7.9%
  10. Sweden - 8.0%

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