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Minimum Wage By Country

Minimum Wage By Country

Minimum Wage Across Countries

Minimum wage policies play a vital role in a nation's economy, potentially lifting millions of low-wage workers out of poverty, improving their standard of living, and contributing to overall economic growth. Across the globe, minimum wage rates vary significantly, shaped by each country's economic situation, labor markets, political ideologies, and cost of living.

Currently, the United States has an hourly federal minimum wage of $7.25, ranking it 12 out of 31 highlighted countries in terms of minimum wage levels. Differences between the countries' minimum wages can be striking, highlighting the diverse economic realities employees experience worldwide.

Key findings from the global minimum wage data include:

  • The country with the highest minimum wage globally is Luxembourg, offering its workers $13.78 per hour, almost double that of the United States.
  • Australia and France follow closely behind with hourly minimum wages of $12.14 and $11.66, respectively.
  • Among the countries evaluated, Mexico has the lowest minimum wage at just $1.05 per hour.
  • In terms of North American countries, Canada has a higher minimum wage than the US, offering $9.52 per hour to its workers.
  • Even within Europe, there is a significant disparity among countries, with hourly wages ranging from Luxembourg's high of $13.78 to Lithuania's $4.78.

As we evaluate the impact of minimum wage changes on the global scale, it's clear that these policies not only influence the livelihoods of workers but also reflect the economic and labor market conditions within each country. This comparison sheds light on the worldwide economy and adds valuable context to discussions about labor rights, wage equity, and economic growth.

Highest Minimum Wage in the World

The countries boasting the highest minimum wages in the world are Luxembourg, Australia, France, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. Topping the list is Luxembourg, where the legal minimum wage stands at a highly impressive $13.78 per hour. Coming in second is Australia with a minimum wage of $12.14 per hour. Not far behind, France offers an hourly minimum wage of $11.66, securing the third position globally.

New Zealand closely follows with a minimum wage of $11.20 per hour. The fifth highest minimum wage on our list belongs to Germany, offering $10.87 per hour. The Netherlands is next on our list with an hourly minimum wage of $10.44, closely trailed by Belgium at $10.38 per hour. The United Kingdom and Ireland right behind with minimum wages of $10.34 and $9.62 per hour, respectively. Finally, Canada closes our list with an hourly minimum wage of $9.52.

10 Countries with the Highest Minimum Wage (per hour):

  1. Luxembourg - $13.78
  2. Australia - $12.14
  3. France - $11.66
  4. New Zealand - $11.20
  5. Germany - $10.87
  6. Netherlands - $10.44
  7. Belgium - $10.38
  8. United Kingdom - $10.34
  9. Ireland - $9.62
  10. Canada - $9.52

Lowest Minimum Wage in the World

At present, the country with the lowest hourly minimum wage in the world is Mexico with a staggeringly low wage of $1.05 per hour.

Turkey is the second-lowest earner with only slightly better hourly wage - $1.93. Following Turkey, Brazil has an hourly rate of $2.18, while Chile and Russia manage to offer only marginally more, with an hourly wage of $2.25 and $2.27 respectively. 

Further up but still among the lowest in the world, we have Colombia with an hourly minimum wage of $2.66, followed by Hungary offering $2.90 per hour. Poland sets its minimum hourly wage at $3.35, and Estonia virtually matches it by remunerating its labor force with an hourly wage of $3.40. Finally, to round up our list of the lowest minimum wage rates in the world, Slovakia guarantees its workers a minimum of $3.43 per hour. 

10 Countries with the Lowest Minimum Wage (per hour):

  1. Mexico - $1.05
  2. Turkey - $1.93
  3. Brazil - $2.18
  4. Chile - $2.25
  5. Russia - $2.27
  6. Colombia - $2.66
  7. Hungary - $2.90
  8. Poland - $3.35
  9. Estonia - $3.40
  10. Slovakia - $3.43

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