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Millionaires By Country

Millionaires By Country

The Millionaire's Club - A Global Perspective

Economic growth and wealth accumulation vary significantly around the globe. One indicator of a country's overall prosperity is the number of millionaires residing within its borders. This measure provides insight into the scale of wealth distribution, the maturity of its economy, and the opportunities available for individuals to amass substantial personal fortunes.

Notable findings from the data include:

  • With 24.5M individuals, the United States has the highest number of millionaires globally. This signifies the strength of the country's economy and the significant opportunities available for wealth creation.
  • Following the United States, countries with the next highest number of millionaires are China (6.2M), Japan (3.4M), and the United Kingdom (2.8M). These nations each have strong economies and a high level of income inequality.
  • Brazil, often branded as an emerging economy, has 266K millionaires, highlighting its development and rapid economic advancements. 
  • Despite being a relatively small city-state, Singapore is home to 299K millionaires, indicating its appeal to wealthy individuals due to its strong economy, strategic location, and favorable tax regulations.
  • Countries with developing economies like Vietnam and Colombia have fewer millionaires, with 49K and 39K, respectively, reflecting the economic disparities globally.

Countries with Most Millionaires

Representing over 40% of global millionaires is the United States, ranking first with 24.5M individuals identified as millionaires, a testament to the important role the country plays in global economics and its affinity for fostering wealth creation.

China follows the United States, ranking second with 6.2M millionaires—a notable number but considerably less than the United States'. Japan, with 3.4M millionaires, occupies third place, indicating a positive economic climate despite the country’s aging population and inflation.

The United Kingdom comes in fourth place with 2.8M millionaires, followed closely by France with 2.8M. These figures convey the strong economies of these European countries and their consistent ability to sustain considerable wealth among individuals.

Germany ranks sixth, with 2.7M millionaires, a fact that underscores its robust economic health and favorable trade policies. Canada and Australia, with 2.3M and 2.2M millionaires, respectively, come in at the seventh and eighth spots.

Italy occupies the ninth position with 1.4M millionaires, whereas South Korea, with 1.3M millionaires, secures the tenth spot. The strength of their manufacturing sectors and technology-driven industries are likely contributors to their high individual wealth accumulation. 

Countries with the Most Millionaires:

  1. United States - 24.4M millionaires
  2. China - 6.2M millionaires
  3. Japan - 3.36M millionaires
  4. United Kingdom - 2.85M millionaires
  5. France - 2.8M millionaires
  6. Germany - 2.7M millionaires
  7. Canada - 2.3M millionaires
  8. Australia - 2.2M millionaires
  9. Italy - 1.4M millionaires
  10. South Korea - 1.3M millionaires

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Year: 2022

Source: Global Wealth Report

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