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Jewish Population By State

Jewish Population By State
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While Jewish Americans only constitute a small fraction of the overall U.S. population, their influence on American culture, social sphere, academic world, and political landscape is significant. With origins tracking back to the Israelites and Hebrews and practicing Judaism, the Jewish people encapsulate a vibrant mix of tradition, faith, and shared history. Their population in the United States ranges from an estimated 5.7 to 10 million people, majority of whom are Ashkenazi Jews—descendants from Jews of Eastern and Central Europe.

  • The top three states with the highest Jewish populations are New York, California, and Florida, boasting 1,785,727, 1,234,540, and 672,465 inhabitants, respectively. This signals a strong concentration on both the East and West coasts and in warmer southern climes.
  • Surprisingly, states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania also house significant Jewish populations, larger than those in the vast expanses of Texas and Ohio. This could potentially reflect historical immigration and settlement patterns.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, states like North Dakota and South Dakota report the smallest Jewish populations, with just 400 and 250 residents respectively. 
  • It's interesting to observe that Jewish populations in states like Arizona, Nevada, and Washington are larger than those in traditionally populous states like Michigan and North Carolina. 

States with the Largest Jewish Population

The state of New York houses the largest Jewish population in the U.S. at a significant 1,785,727. This isn't surprising considering the state's historical ties to Jewish immigrants from the 20th century. California takes the second spot on our list with a Jewish population of 1,234,540.

Florida stands as the third state with the highest Jewish population, tallying up to 672,465. With its comfortable climate and attractive living conditions, it has become a popular retirement destination for many, including numerous Jewish Americans. 

The state of New Jersey, with its close proximity to New York, ranks fourth with a Jewish population of 626,220. In the fifth position, we have Pennsylvania with a robust Jewish community of 434,165 members. 

Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas, and Ohio comprise the remainder of the top ten states with heightened Jewish populace, each respectively housing 325,160, 301,880, 240,100, 175,655, and 151,640 Jewish individuals.

Top 10 states with the largest Jewish populations are as follows:

  1. New York - 1,785,727
  2. California - 1,234,540
  3. Florida - 672,465
  4. New Jersey - 626,220
  5. Pennsylvania - 434,165
  6. Illinois - 325,160
  7. Massachusetts - 301,880
  8. Maryland - 240,100
  9. Texas - 175,655
  10. Ohio - 151,640

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