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Crime Rate By State

Crime Rate By State


Crime, being categorized into violent and property, is a widespread concern in the U.S.. The most commonly inflicted crime in 2020 was aggravated assault following robbery. Property crimes, such as arson, burglaries, larceny and motor vehicle theft, are also common and prevalent across multiple states. Over the past 25 years, America has seen a significant decrease in crime rates, notwithstanding the fact that the country still ranks relatively high in this regard globally. 

  • New Mexico headlines the list as the state with the highest Reported Crime Rate (6,462 per 100k), closely followed by Louisiana (6,408 per 100k).
  • The five states with the highest Reported Crime Rates (per 100k) after New Mexico and Louisiana are; Colorado, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Washington.
  • In contrast, New Hampshire reports the lowest crime rate, with only 2,344 incidents per 100k.
  • The five states with the lowest Crime Rates (per 100k) after New Hampshire are; Massachusetts, Maine, Idaho, New Jersey, and Vermont.
  • Significantly, large and densely populated states such as California and Texas do not fall within the top ten states with the highest crime rates. This finding may contradict a common notion that higher population density invariably leads to higher crime rates.

States with the Highest Crime Rates

Unveiling the states with the highest crime rates (per 100,000), New Mexico tops the list with a figure of 6,462. This fact paints a concerning picture about the prevailing crime rates in the state and urges for immediate enforcement of effective measures. Louisiana marginally trails behind New Mexico with a reported crime rate of 6,408 per 100,000. 

Ranking third, Colorado has a reported annual crime rate of 6,091 per 100,000. Imminently behind Colorado, South Carolina and Arkansas exhibit crime rates of 5,973 and 5,899 respectively per 100,000 population. 

The states of Oklahoma, Washington, Tennessee, Oregon, and Missouri also showcase significant crime rates ranging between 5,605 to 5,870 per 100,000 residents.

Topping the list of States with Highest Crime Rates (per Capita):

  1. New Mexico - 6,462
  2. Louisiana - 6,408
  3. Colorado - 6,091
  4. South Carolina - 5,973
  5. Arkansas - 5,899
  6. Oklahoma - 5,870
  7. Washington - 5,759
  8. Tennessee - 5,658
  9. Oregon - 5,610
  10. Missouri - 5,605 

States with the Lowest Crime Rates

Leading the charge when it comes to the lowest reported crime rate per 100k is New Hampshire, with a rate of just 2,344. Not far behind on the list is Massachusetts with a crime rate of 2,415, immediately followed by Maine with a rate of 2,421 per 100k. Idaho comes in as the fourth state with the lowest crime rate, calculating an occurrence of 2,466 incidents per 100k people. New Jersey rounds out the top five with a crime rate of 2,512 per 100k.

Further down the list, we find Vermont, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, and New York, demonstrating crime rates ranging from 2,607 to 3,185 incidents reported per 100k. It's interesting to note that New York, once notorious for high crime rates, has managed to reduce incidents significantly over the years, now ranking 41st in terms of crime rates per 100k. 

States with the Lowest Crime Rates per 100k: 

  1. New Hampshire - 2,344
  2. Massachusetts - 2,415
  3. Maine - 2,421
  4. Idaho - 2,466
  5. New Jersey - 2,512
  6. Vermont - 2,607
  7. Rhode Island - 2,722
  8. Virginia - 3,121
  9. West Virginia - 3,155
  10. New York - 3,185

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