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Crime Rate by Country

Crime Rate by Country
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In the complex web of global society, crime is an ever-present concern. It seriously threatens the fabric of societies and hinders social and economic development. The issue crosses borders, taking on different forms and severity levels that are influenced by a variety of economic, political, and social factors. 

Utilizing comprehensive data, we contrast and analyze crime indicators from countries across the globe. By examining countries' Crime Index, we can understand national criminal activities' diverse nature, scale, and impacts. 

Key findings from the data:

  • Globally, Venezuela tops the chart, recording the highest Crime Index of 83.76 in 2022. This indicates a severe condition of crime and unrest in the country, demanding immediate attention and resolve from international communities and the national government.
  • Despite being one of the world's most developed countries, the United States ranks 52nd, with a Crime Index of 47.81. The relatively high index in an advanced nation like the U.S. underscores the fact that crime is not merely a problem of underdeveloped or developing countries but a universal challenge.
  • Asian nations like Japan (22.19), Hong Kong (22.0), Taiwan (15.46), and especially the United Arab Emirates (15.23) and Qatar (12.13), show relatively low Crime Index rates. These rates reveal strong law enforcement and low crime environments in these countries.
  • War-torn Afghanistan shows a significantly high Crime Index of 76.31, highlighting how instability and conflict can spur crime rates.
  • Noteworthy, despite suffering similar unrest, Syria showed a slightly lower Crime Index at 67.18, indicative of varying forces shaping crime beyond the act of conflicts itself.

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of crime is essential for policymakers globally to enforce effective strategies that combat crime and foster safer environments.

Countries With Highest Crime Rates

When we look at the Crime Index by country, the ten countries with the highest crime rates are Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Afghanistan, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, El Salvador, Brazil, and Jamaica.

Venezuela tops this grim list with a Crime Index value of 83.76, reflecting its ongoing economic and political instability. Following closely behind, Papua New Guinea has a Crime Index of 80.79, highlighting its struggles with violent crime and corruption. Soaring crime rates are seen as a hindrance to development in South Africa and Afghanistan, with Crime Index values of 76.86 and 76.31 respectively.

Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago follow with a Crime Index of 74.54 in Honduras and 71.63 in Trinidad and Tobago. Not far behind, Guyana has a Crime Index of 68.74, while El Salvador's Crime Index is 67.79. Brazil and Jamaica, known for their warm climates and vibrant cultures, are unfortunately also known for high crime rates, with Crime Index values of 67.49 and 67.42 respectively.

10 Countries with the Highest Crime Index Values:

  1. Venezuela - 83.76
  2. Papua New Guinea - 80.79
  3. South Africa - 76.86
  4. Afghanistan - 76.31
  5. Honduras - 74.54
  6. Trinidad and Tobago - 71.63
  7. Guyana - 68.74
  8. El Salvador - 67.79
  9. Brazil - 67.49
  10. Jamaica - 67.42

Countries With Lowest Crime Index

The countries with the lowest crime index are Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Isle Of Man, Oman, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, Slovenia, and Armenia. Qatar holds the lowest crime index in the world, with a score of 12.13. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates with a crime index of 15.23 and Taiwan with a crime index of 15.46.

Next in the list is the Isle Of Man, which surprisingly registers a score of 19.25 in the crime index. Not far behind is Oman, with its crime index being 20.34. Switzerland comes in sixth with a crime index of 21.62. Both Hong Kong and Japan have relatively low crime rates with indices of 22 and 22.19, respectively. Additionally, Slovenia and Armenia also have low crime indices with scores of 22.28 and 22.79, accordingly. 

The ten countries with the lowest crime index are:

  1. Qatar - 12.13
  2. United Arab Emirates - 15.23
  3. Taiwan - 15.46
  4. Isle Of Man - 19.25
  5. Oman - 20.34
  6. Switzerland - 21.62
  7. Hong Kong - 22
  8. Japan - 22.19
  9. Slovenia - 22.28
  10. Armenia - 22.79

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The data points presented are defined as follows:

  • Crime Rate Index - A measurement of that reflects the levels of organized crime in a country and assess their resilience to organised-criminal activity.

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Year: 2023

Source: Crime Index by Country