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Countries By Sex Ratio

Countries By Sex Ratio

The Gender Composition Around the Globe

The global gender composition varies dramatically and exhibits patterns influenced by myriad social, demographic and economic factors. The "Sex Ratio," defined as the number of males per every 100 females, is a powerful tool for analysis, providing insights into the sociopolitical climate of countries, addressing gender disparities, and informing policy-making. Comparing and contrasting the sex ratios of different countries offers a unique glimpse into the varied gender compositions worldwide.

Within this framework, however, it's crucial to note that a balanced gender ratio isn't the end-all-be-all indicator of gender equality. Issues like gender pay gaps, access to education, reproductive health rights, and representation in politics and business play a significant role and coincide intricately with this numerical reflection. 

Here are a few key findings from the data:

  • Leading the pack with heavy gender imbalances are countries such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, with 266 and 228 males per 100 females respectively. This disproportion is largely due to the huge influx of male expatriates for construction and labor roles.
  • Generally, countries in the Middle East and Asia demonstrate a high male-to-female ratio. For instance, countries India and China, with their deep-rooted preference for males due to cultural norms, reflected in their ratios of 106.7 and 104.3 males per 100 females respectively.
  • On the lower end of the spectrum, nations such as Latvia, Ukraine, Armenia and Russia show a starkly different picture with significantly more females than males (sex ratio less than 90). This could be attributed to various factors such as higher male mortality rates, impacts of historical events, and migration dynamics. For example, Russia has 86.7 males per 100 females.
  • The United States exhibits a ratio of 98.2 males to every 100 females, indicating a relatively balanced gender composition.

Countries With the Highest Male to Female Ratio

Sex ratio, expressed as the number of males per 100 females, varies globally. The countries with the highest sex ratios are predominantly located in Middle East. At the top of the list is Qatar, with an impressive 266.0 males for every 100 females. This is closely followed by the United Arab Emirates, with a sex ratio of 228.2. The island nation of Bahrain ranks third, with 163.8 males per 100 females, followed by Oman and Kuwait with ratios of 157.0 and 156.1, respectively.

Saudi Arabia has a sex ratio of 136.8, which makes it the sixth country with the highest sex ratio, while the Maldives closely follows with a ratio of 136.3. The South Asian country of Bhutan and the African country of Equatorial Guinea have very close values, with 112.5 and 112.0 males per 100 females respectively. Lastly, is Montserrat with a sex ratio of 111.8.

10 Countries with Highest Sex Ratio:

  1. Qatar - 266.0 males per 100 females
  2. United Arab Emirates - 228.2 males per 100 females
  3. Bahrain - 163.8 males per 100 females
  4. Oman - 157.0 males per 100 females
  5. Kuwait - 156.1 males per 100 females
  6. Saudi Arabia - 136.8 males per 100 females
  7. Maldives - 136.3 males per 100 females
  8. Bhutan - 112.5 males per 100 females
  9. Equatorial Guinea - 112.0 males per 100 females
  10. Montserrat - 111.8 males per 100 females

Countries with the Lowest Male to Female Ratios

The countries with the lowest sex ratios, referring to the number of males for every 100 females, are Armenia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Belarus, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, and Macau. 

Armenia has the lowest sex ratio scoring only 81.9 males per 100 females. Following closely is Guadeloupe with a sex ratio of 82.7. Martinique and Belarus have a slightly higher ratio at 85.4 and 85.5 respectively. Hong Kong registers a sex ratio of 85.6, closely trailed by Ukraine with 86.2. 

Latvia's ratio is 86.3 males per 100 females, while Russia reports a sex ratio of 86.7. Climbing just above 88, we find Lithuania with a sex ratio of 88.4 and Macau having the highest of this group with 88.5 males for every 100 females. 

10 countries with the lowest sex ratio:

  1. Armenia - 81.9 Males per 100 Females
  2. Guadeloupe - 82.7 Males per 100 Females
  3. Martinique - 85.4 Males per 100 Females
  4. Belarus - 85.5 Males per 100 Females
  5. Hong Kong - 85.6 Males per 100 Females
  6. Ukraine - 86.2 Males per 100 Females
  7. Latvia - 86.3 Males per 100 Females
  8. Russia - 86.7 Males per 100 Females
  9. Lithuania - 88.4 Males per 100 Females
  10. Macau - 88.5 Males per 100 Females

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