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Population Density By Country

Population Density By Country
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A Look at Global Population Density

The earth is a vast and assorted space, and its nearly 7.9 billion inhabitants are scattered unevenly across its diverse terrains. Population density, measured as the number of people per square kilometer, varies greatly from one region to another. This disparity is starkly evident when we observe some countries, smaller in size, teeming with inhabitants, as opposed to larger nations boasting vast, lesser-populated territories.

  • Monaco, a tiny city-state located on the northern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, ranks first in population density, cramming its populace into a compact 2.02 square kilometers of land area with a whopping density of 24,361 persons per square kilometer.
  • The micro-states of Europe and small nations and territories in Asia, including Macau, Singapore, and Hong Kong, continue this trend of enormous population density due to their relatively small land areas.
  • Despite being the ninth most densely populated country globally, Bangladesh, with a population density of 1,329km², is the first country on our list with a larger land area.
  • Contrary to common perception, highly populous countries like China and India are not the most densely populated. India positions 25th with a density of 481km², while China ranks 80th at 149km².
  • Despite housing large populations, major nations like the United States, Canada, and Australia rank low in population density due to their expansive land areas. Australia, despite being the sixth-largest country globally by total area, only has a population density of 3km², ranking it at 220.

Most Densely Populated Countries

Monaco takes the crown for the world's most densely populated country with an extreme population density of 24,361 persons per km². It's a fascinating example of how a small land area, in this case just 2.02km², can cater to a relatively large population.

Following closely behind is the Special Administrative Region of Macau, known for its blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures. With a staggering density of 22,005 people per km², it ranks second in terms of density globally.

In third place, we find the prosperous nation of Singapore, with a population density reaching 8,806 per km². Famous for its efficient urban planning, Singapore demonstrates that higher densities can be strategically managed to achieve sustainability and livability.

Hong Kong, another Special Administrative Region of China, sits at number four with its high density of 6,817 people per km².

Next in line is Gibraltar, with a density of 3,269 individuals per km², followed closely by Bahrain which features a density of 1,897 people per km².

Maldives, Malta, Bangladesh, and Bermuda conclude our list, with respective densities of 1,737 people per km², 1,699 people per km², 1,329 people per km², and 1,186 people per km².

Most Densely Populated Countries:

  1. Monaco - 24,361km²
  2. Macau - 22,005km²
  3. Singapore - 8,806km²
  4. Hong Kong - 6,817km²
  5. Gibraltar - 3,269km²
  6. Bahrain - 1,897km²
  7. Maldives - 1,737km²
  8. Malta - 1,699km²
  9. Bangladesh - 1,329km²
  10. Bermuda - 1,186km²

Least Densely Populated Countries

Topping the list is Western Sahara, ranking 223rd in terms of population density with only 2 persons per square kilometer. This disputed territory in North Africa, partially controlled by the Sahrawi Republic, lies mostly uninhabited in the vast Sahara desert, hence the low population density.

Similarly, Mongolia, known for its vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture, is another least densely populated country, with a density also averaging 2 persons per square kilometer, ranking it 222nd.

Namibia in Southern Africa and Australia share the next position, each with a population density of 3 persons per square kilometer. Namibia - ranking 221st - is largely dominated by the Namib and Kalahari deserts, while Australia - ranking 220th - is characterized by its large "Outback" desert area, contributing to their low population densities.

Meanwhile, characterized by vast expanses of tundra, Iceland - ranking 219th - and the French Guiana, Suriname, Libya, Guyana, and Canada each possess a population density of 4 persons per square kilometer, ranking 218th, 217th, 216th, 215th, and 214th respectively.

The Least Densely Populated Countries:

  1. Western Sahara - 2km²
  2. Mongolia - 2km²
  3. Namibia - 3km²
  4. Australia - 3km²
  5. Iceland - 4km²
  6. French Guiana - 4km²
  7. Suriname - 4km²
  8. Libya - 4km²
  9. Guyana - 4km²
  10. Canada - 4km²

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