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Most Depressed Countries

Most Depressed Countries
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Depression, a debilitating mental health condition that impacts millions worldwide, is a multifaceted problem compounded by social stigma, lack of access to medical help, and the varying degrees to which it can affect individuals. Recent data on global depression rates reveal a pervasive issue that resonates across cultural, geographical, and socio-economic boundaries.

  • Ukraine tops the list with the highest rate of depression at 6.3%. High-income countries like the United States, Australia, and Estonia closely follow with a depression rate of 5.9%.
  • The nations with the lowest depression rates are primarily located in the Pacific and Southeast Asia, with Solomon Islands at 2.9%, Timor Leste at 3.0%, and Papua New Guinea at 3.0%.
  • Many western, developed nations - such as the United States, Australia, and Germany - appear in the top 25% for depression rates.
  • There is a clear diversity in the range of depression rates worldwide, from Ukraine's high of 6.3% to Solomon Islands' low of 2.9%.
  • Notably, many nations with ongoing or recent conflicts, such as Afghanistan (3.3%), Iraq (3.7%), and Syria (3.9%), show lower depression rates than might be expected. This could point to underreporting or inadequate mental health resources in these regions.

10 Most Depressed Countries in the World

Leading the roster of the most depressed countries is Ukraine, with a depression rate of an alarming 6.3%. Worryingly close behind are the United States, Australia, and Estonia, each with a depression rate of 5.9%.

Brazil follows next with a slightly lower but still substantial depression rate of 5.8%. Greece and Portugal share a depression rate of 5.7% each, with the impact of the economic crises in these nations possibly contributing to the high rates. 

Belarus, Finland, and Lithuania have similarly high rates of depression, each with a 5.6% prevalence. Despite their varied geographical locations and cultural backgrounds, these countries share the burdensome impact of depression.

Countries with the Highest Depression Rates:

  1. Ukraine - 6.3%
  2. United States - 5.9%
  3. Australia - 5.9%
  4. Estonia - 5.9%
  5. Brazil - 5.8%
  6. Greece - 5.7%
  7. Portugal - 5.7%
  8. Belarus - 5.6%
  9. Finland - 5.6%
  10. Lithuania - 5.6%

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