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Most Dangerous Countries For Women

Most Dangerous Countries For Women
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Assessing Countries on Women's Safety

Women's safety is a paramount concern worldwide, and identifying the countries that present the most risk can help in highlighting the urgent need for improved safety measures and equality reforms. According to recent data, certain countries stand out as particularly hazardous environments for women, due to a variety of factors including political instability, economic inequality, cultural norms, and violence against women. 

In the grand scheme of global safety for women, the United States ranks 19th on the Women's Danger Index with a score of 456.31. This is shockingly high for a developed country, demonstrating that no nation, regardless of its economic or geopolitical clout, is immune to the issues of gender-based violence and discrimination. 

Key findings from the data include:

  • South Africa tops the list as the most dangerous country for women, with a score of 771.82 on the Women's Danger Index. High levels of gender-based violence, sexual assault, and femicide are some of the driving factors behind this troubling ranking.
  • The second and third most dangerous countries for women are Brazil (624.28) and Russia (592.71) respectively, indicating severe issues surrounding women's security and rights in these nations.
  • The United States ranks alarmingly high at 19th place, a surprisingly poor position for a developed nation and a clear signifier of deep-seated issues regarding women's safety and gender equality that remain to be addressed.
  • On the brighter side, Spain holds the lowest score in the Women's Danger Index at 212.04, indicating comparative safety and progress in their initiatives for gender equality and women's rights.
  • Countries like Canada (290.83), Norway (259.92), and Ireland (247.31) fare comparatively better, featuring towards the lower end of the Women's Danger Index.

These rankings paint a stark picture; the fight for women's safety and equality is far from over. While certain countries have made significant strides towards improvement, the state of affairs in others underlines an urgent call for change. The aim of dialogues such as this is to spread awareness, drive change, and promote safety and equality for women throughout the world.

10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for Women

The most dangerous country in the world for women is South Africa, notorious for its high levels of gender-based violence, sexual assault, and femicide, leading to its disturbingly high score of 771.82 on the Women's Danger Index.

Second in line is Brazil, with a score of 624.28. Following closely in third position is Russia, scoring 592.71 on the Women's Danger Index. Mexico stands at fourth place, with a score of 576.05. Fifth is Iran, with a score of 553.11, indicating the issues of gender equity and women's safety desperately need to be addressed.

The Dominican Republic and Egypt are the sixth and the seventh most dangerous countries for women, with very close scores of 551.32 and 546.91 respectively. 

Morocco takes the eighth spot with a score of 542.75, sparked by the profoundly concerning issues of women's safety, exemplified by high-profile cases of violence against foreign female travelers.

In the ninth position, India scores 541.25 on the Index, revealing the serious issues of gender-based violence, inequality and discrimination plaguing the nation. 

The tenth most dangerous country is Thailand, with a score of 533.22, reflecting the safety concerns for women prevalent in this popular tourist destination.

10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for Women:

  1. South Africa - 771.82
  2. Brazil - 624.28
  3. Russia - 592.71
  4. Mexico - 576.05
  5. Iran - 553.11
  6. Dominican Republic - 551.32
  7. Egypt - 546.91
  8. Morocco - 542.75
  9. India - 541.25
  10. Thailand - 533.22

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