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Gas Taxes By State

Gas Taxes By State


The fluctuating prices of gasoline aren't just dependent on oil market trends. Taxes imposed on fuel are a significant component of the price per gallon, varying dramatically from state to state across the U.S. These fuel taxes are an essential piece of the taxation puzzle, contributing to state revenue and affecting consumers' daily lives directly.

While the federal motor fuel tax rates are fixed at $0.184/gallon for gasoline and $0.244/gallon for diesel, it's the contrasting state-level taxes that compel a closer examination. These taxes, in combination with federal, local, and sales taxes, create a combined gas tax that drivers pay at the pump. Generally, these funds go towards transportation related projects such as highway and road maintenance.

  • Twenty-three states have gas taxes higher than the national average of $0.29 per gallon, highlighting how this burden varies across the nation.
  • The highest gas tax is found in Pennsylvania at $0.61 per gallon, significantly more than the lowest tax in Alaska, which is only $0.15 per gallon.
  • Coastal states such as California ($0.54) and Washington ($0.49) feature prominently amongst those with high gas taxes, while many land-locked states like Texas ($0.20) and Oklahoma ($0.19) hold some of the lowest.
  • Interestingly, densely populated states like New York and Connecticut have lower gas taxes of $0.18 and $0.15 per gallon.
  • Several states like Montana, Idaho, and Utah, despite their less urbanized landscapes, have gas taxes comfortably above the average.

Highest Gas Taxes by State

Emerging prominently at the top of our list is Pennsylvania, with the highest state gasoline tax of $0.61 per gallon, significantly above the national average.

Close behind in the second position, we find the Golden State, California. Despite its reputation for promoting alternate energy and efficient vehicles, it stands with a gas tax of $0.54 per gallon. The funds raised from this tax are pivotal in maintaining California's vast and busy roadways.

The third-highest gas tax is in the northwestern state of Washington, where drivers pay an additional $0.49 for each gallon.

Sharing the fourth position are Maryland, Illinois, and New Jersey, each levying a gas tax of $0.42 per gallon. In these states, an increased tax burden on fuel has been enlisted as part of larger strategies to tackle road maintenance and other transportation concerns without adding to the state’s debt.

Further down on the list, but still with a significantly high gas tax, we find North Carolina at $0.40 per gallon, followed by Oregon with a tax of $0.38 per gallon. West Virginia has enacted a tax of $0.37 per gallon, while Vermont rounds out the top ten with a tax of $0.36 per gallon.

Highest Gas Taxes by State:

  1. Pennsylvania - $0.61 per gallon
  2. California - $0.54 per gallon
  3. Washington - $0.49 per gallon
  4. Maryland - $0.42 per gallon
  5. Illinois - $0.42 per gallon
  6. New Jersey - $0.42 per gallon
  7. North Carolina - $0.40 per gallon
  8. Oregon - $0.38 per gallon
  9. West Virginia - $0.37 per gallon
  10. Vermont - $0.36 per gallon

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