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Average Number Of Sexual Partners By Country

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Matters of Intimacy: A Global Perspective

Sexual behavior is a critical aspect of human life that varies significantly across different cultures and societies. Discourses about the number of sexual partners typically revolve around notions of personal autonomy, moral judgment, gender norms, and cultural influences. Such patterns could also be directly tied to the societal approach to sexual health education, use of contraception, and the openness or stigma associated with sexual relationships.

Our exploration focuses on the average number of sexual partners across different countries. The data was collected from various governmental and non-governmental sources and processed to ensure consistency. Among the most significant findings, the United States reported an average number of 11 sexual partners, placing it mid-rank in the global context.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Turkey tops the list with an average of 15 sexual partners, the highest average reported across all countries.
  • Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and South Africa follow closely, each with an average of 13 sexual partners.
  • The United States, along with Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, Thailand, Greece, and Israel, report an average of 11 sexual partners.
  • Nations reporting the lowest averages of sexual partners include China, India, and Vietnam, each with an average of 3 partners.
  • On the European landscape, significantly higher averages are observed in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Finland compared to central European nations like Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.

The disparities observed are suggestive of the complex interplay of various societal, cultural, and personal factors. These findings invite a broader conversation about global sexual behaviors, shedding light on diverse societal norms and values, and facilitating constructive dialogue on sexual health and education worldwide.

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Year: 2022

Source: Men in Numbers - Manual