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Age Of Majority By State

Age Of Majority By State
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Understanding the Age of Majority by State

As children grow into adults, they take on new rights, responsibilities, and societal expectations. This transition happens at a legally defined point in time, known as the 'Age of Majority' when juveniles are considered adults for most legal purposes. It provides an important marker in everyone's life, whether celebrating the new-found freedom or becoming liable for actions, like signing contracts or bearing consequences for deviant acts.

Across the United States, the Civil Age of Majority is a substantially uniform criterion used to designate this transition, but with some exceptions.

  • The overwhelming majority of states in the U.S designate the Civil Age of Majority as 18. This includes 47 states and Washington D.C, indicating a general consensus on this age as a cut-off point for adulthood. 
  • Alabama and Nebraska differ from the majority, marking the Age of Majority as 19. This difference presents an interesting deviation from the standard.
  • Maryland and Mississippi stand out in the dataset with the Age of Majority set at 21 years, the highest across the country.

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