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Happiest Countries in the World

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Chasing Global Happiness

In today's fast-paced, competitive world, assessing a country's happiness can offer unique insights into the wellbeing and lifestyle of its population. The annual ranking of the World's Happiest Countries is based on various parameters like happiness, well-being, mental health, social connection, and work satisfaction. The drive to happiness varies worldwide.

Key findings from the Happiness Index 2023 include:

  • For the sixth consecutive year, Finland tops the list of the world’s happiest countries with a score of 7.804 on the Happiness Index 2023. This Nordic country is known for its high standard of living, comprehensive welfare, and low corruption levels.
  • The United States stands at the 15th position with a Happiness Index score of 6.894, indicating that affluence isn’t always directly proportional to happiness.
  • While Iceland and Denmark followed Finland closely in the happiness rankings, reflecting the general contentment of Nordic citizenry, war-torn Afghanistan languishes at the bottom of the Happiness Index with a score of 1.859.
  • Among other key players, Israel showed superb performance, taking the fourth spot, while the United Kingdom can be found further down the list, occupying the nineteenth position.
  • Costa Rica emerges as the happiest country in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with a score of 6.609, outperforming many wealthier nations.

10 Happiest Countries in the World

Topping the list for the sixth year running is Finland, with an impressive Happiness Index score of 7.804. The Finnish people enjoy a high standard of living, comprehensive social welfare, and one of the lowest corruption rates in the world, lending to their overall happiness.

In close succession are Denmark and Iceland with impressive scores of 7.586 and 7.530 respectively. Denmark's high ranking can be attributed to an efficient welfare state, while Iceland's happiness is ably supported by their robust social support network and an impressive sense of community.

Next, Israel makes its mark as the fourth happiest nation, achieving a robust score of 7.473. Israel's high ranking is particularly commendable, given its geopolitical challenges.

Sliding into the fifth position is the Netherlands with a score of 7.403, known for their excellent education and healthcare systems.

In sixth place, we find Sweden (7.395), another Nordic country famous for its quality of life. Norway, ranked seventh at 7.315, contributes to the Nordic nations' dominance on the list. 

Beautiful Switzerland, with its high living standards and pristine nature, achieves an impressive Happiness Index score of 7.240, securing the 8th position. Luxembourg, famous for its wealth and high living standards, ranks ninth with a score of 7.228.

Rounding out the top ten is New Zealand with a commendable score of 7.123, emphasizing its strong community, respect for human rights, and remarkable natural beauty as strong contributors to citizen's happiness. 

The 10 Happiest Countries in the World:

  1. Finland - 7.804
  2. Denmark - 7.586
  3. Iceland - 7.530
  4. Israel - 7.473
  5. Netherlands - 7.403
  6. Sweden - 7.395
  7. Norway - 7.315
  8. Switzerland - 7.240
  9. Luxembourg - 7.228
  10. New Zealand - 7.123

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The data points presented are defined as follows:

  • Happiness Index - A measurement of the happiness of a country based on various parameters like happiness, well-being, mental health, social connection, and work satisfaction. Higher scores indicate happier countries.

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Year: 2022

Source: World Happiness Report 2022