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Cheapest Countries To Live In

Cheapest Countries To Live In

Affordable Living Across the Globe

Our world is rich in diversity and packed with countries that offer various lifestyles at vastly different costs. When it comes to the cost of living, not all destinations are created equal. The average monthly cost of living in a country can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending largely on factors such as accommodation, utility costs, meal costs, and the prices of goods and services.

In today's global economy, knowing the cost of living in various countries can be particularly helpful, whether for those considering international job opportunities, planning for retirement, or even considering a change in scenery.

Key findings from the data include:

  • Countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India had some of the world's lowest costs of living in 2022, with the average monthly cost of living under $500.
  • Despite its rapid economic development in recent years, the cost of living in China remains relatively affordable, averaging around $752 per month.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, high-income countries such as Monaco, Switzerland, and Ireland had the highest average monthly living costs, all exceeding $2000, reflecting the higher living standards and cost of amenities in these regions.
  • Countries like Argentina and Ukraine showed remarkably low cost of living while being a high-turmoil regions.
  • In North America, the cost of living is significantly higher compared to many other countries worldwide, with the United States ranking as the 7th most expensive country worldwide.

10 Cheapest Countries to Live In

The ten countries with the lowest cost of living are Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Syria, Nepal, and Turkey. Afghanistan has the lowest cost of living globally, with an average monthly expense of just $354.

Pakistan follows closely, being the second cheapest country with an average monthly living cost of $370. The third country on the list, India, holds an average cost of living at $423 per month, still under half a thousand dollars. Tunisia is just a dollar ahead of India with a cost of living at $424. 

Positioned halfway down the list, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, and Syria are fairly similar in their living costs, with an average monthly cost ranging from $428 to $435. Ninth on the list is Nepal, where the average cost of living is $439 per month. Finally, Turkey rounds off the list of the ten cheapest countries to live in, with an average monthly cost of living at $447.

10 Cheapest Countries to Live In (Average Monthly Cost):

  1. Afghanistan - $354
  2. Pakistan - $370
  3. India - $423
  4. Tunisia - $424
  5. Sri Lanka - $428
  6. Kyrgyzstan - $430
  7. Algeria - $431
  8. Syria - $435
  9. Nepal - $439
  10. Turkey - $447

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