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Best States To Retire

Best States To Retire
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A Peek Into Retirement Bliss

As the dusk sets on a fulfilling career, the dawn of retirement brings an opportunity to relax and engage with life from a fresh lens. Whether your idea of retirement gravitates towards sandy beaches and warm sunsets, rolling mountain ranges, or a vibrant city lifestyle, selecting the ideal state for your retirement is a pivotal decision that can greatly impact your quality of life.

Our Retirement Index Score, evaluates the attractiveness of each state for retirees based on a selection of essential factors including cost of living, average retirement income, healthcare, poverty rates, tax policies, and economic well-being. This allows us to present a ranked list of the top states for retirees.

  • Virginia came out on top of the ranking highlighting the state’s balance between economic prosperity, quality healthcare, and favorable living conditions scoring the highest Retirement Index Score of 57.55.
  • States traditionally known for their retirement communities such as Florida and Arizona performed commendably, landing on ranks two and twenty respectively. Florida garnered a score close to Virginia with 57.43, edging out many other states for the top spot.
  • The top five of the list was completed by Colorado and Wyoming, with scores of 57.41 and 55.6 respectively, indicating the increasing preference for states with natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities among retirees.
  • It's interesting to note the regional variation, with highest-ranking states spread across diverse geographical regions from the sunny coasts of Florida to the mountain vistas of Colorado.
  • Conversely, at the lower end of the table, Kentucky had the lowest Retirement Index Score of 38.8, underlining the challenges it faces in increasing its appeal to retirees.

10 Best States to Retire

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