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Average Income By State

Average Income By State

Across the Spectrum of American Income

Analyzing American income disparities by state highlights the broad economic landscape in the country. Income levels vary significantly across states, a testament to the diverse socioeconomic conditions, cost of living, education levels, and job opportunities in different regions. Here, we delve into the per capita income for each state, to better understand these regional economic distinctions.

On analyzing the income data, we found several notable trends:

  • Wealth is concentrated in the Northeast: The top three states by per capita income are Connecticut at $84,972, Massachusetts at $84,945, and New Jersey at $78,700. Similarly, New York ranks fourth with an average income of $78,089. The robust economic activity in these states, including finance, technology, and healthcare sectors, contribute to these high income levels.
  • Some of the most populous states have a higher per capita income: California, the most populous state, came in fifth place with a per capita income of $77,339. New York, the fourth most populous state, has a per capita income of $78,089. This suggests that these populous states are generally wealthier, possibly due to diverse and strong industry presence, providing a range of high-paying jobs.
  • Southern states have lower per capita income: Nine out of the bottom ten states in per capita income are located in the Southern United States. Among them, Mississippi has the lowest per capita income of $46,248, followed closely by West Virginia at $49,169 and Alabama at $50,637. This pattern indicates a regional economic disparity within the country.
  • Western states show a mixed economic picture: While Colorado and Washington feature in the top ten states with per capita income of $74,167 and $75,698 respectively, states like Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona have much lower figures, reiterating the broad economic disparity across states.

Highest Income States

Leading the list is Connecticut, with a remarkable per capita income of $84,972, closely followed by Massachusetts not far behind at $84,945.

New Jersey and New York, notable for their dense populations and robust economic activity, secure the third and fourth positions with per capita incomes of $78,700 and $78,089 respectively. California, being the most populous state in the U.S, also ranks high in fifth place, boasting a per capita income of $77,339

States situated in the Western region present a mixed economic picture. Washington and Colorado, known for their strong industries and growing economies, have secured their places in the top ten states with per capita incomes of $75,698 and $74,167 respectively, meanwhile states such as Idaho, New Mexico, and Arizona fall behind with much lower figures. 

Rounding out the top ten are New Hampshire, with a per capita income of $74,663, Wyoming at $71,342, and Maryland with a per capita income of $70,730. 

Highest Income States by Per Capita Income:

  1. Connecticut - $84,972 
  2. Massachusetts - $84,945 
  3. New Jersey - $78,700
  4. New York - $78,089
  5. California - $77,339
  6. Washington - $75,698
  7. New Hampshire - $74,663
  8. Colorado - $74,167
  9. Wyoming - $71,342
  10. Maryland - $70,730

Lowest Income States

The state with the lowest per capita income is Mississippi, ranking 50th with residents earning on average $46,248 annually. Following closely on the 49th spot is West Virginia, with an average income of $49,169. Alabama completes the lowest trio, ranking 48th with an average income of $50,637. 

States in the Southwest also claim spots on this list: New Mexico ranks 47th with an average income of $51,500 and Oklahoma claims the 41st spot with per capita income of $54,998. Arkansas, positioned at number 46, reports an average income of $51,787. 

States from the Southeast, such as Kentucky and South Carolina, occupy the 45th and 44th ranks with per capita incomes of $52,109 and $53,320, respectively. Louisiana in the Southern United States also features on the lower end of this list, ranking 42nd with a per capita income of $54,622.

In the West, Idaho comes in 43rd with an average income of $54,537, demonstrating that income disparities are regrettably prevalent across the country.

10 States with the Lowest Per Capita Income:

  1. Mississippi - $46,248
  2. West Virginia - $49,169
  3. Alabama - $50,637
  4. New Mexico - $51,500
  5. Arkansas - $51,787
  6. Kentucky - $52,109
  7. South Carolina - $53,320
  8. Idaho - $54,537
  9. Louisiana - $54,622
  10. Oklahoma - $54,998

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