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Smallest Countries

Smallest Countries

The World's Smallest Countries

Despite the saying that “bigger is better,” the smallest nations worldwide hold pride in their compactness and uniqueness. Each country, regardless of size, contributes significant notes to the world's harmony. Comprising tiny islands, glamorous city-states, and scenic landlocked nations, these smallest countries challenge the notion of scale and sizable significance.

Here are some fascinating findings regarding the world’s smallest nations:

  • Vatican City, recorded as the smallest independent nation globally, has a minute land area of 0.44 square kilometers. Despite its size, this city-state within Rome attracts millions of visitors drawn by the immense spiritual and historical influence of this Catholic enclave.
  • Monaco is the second smallest country but one of the most densely populated. With an area of just 2.02 km², it boasts luxury residences, upscale casinos, a bustling tourism industry and hosts the renowned Grand Prix motor race.
  • Only 61 square kilometers large, San Marino, located within Italy, is one of the world’s oldest republics and is a prominent tourist destination due to its rich history and impressive architecture.
  • Tiny archipelago nations like Nauru (21 Km²) and Tuvalu (26 Km²) have a combined land area that is less than many large cities, yet they maintain a unique appeal with their breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant local cultures.
  • The island of Bermuda, despite its size of just 54 Km², holds a powerful position on the global stage due to its thriving financial sector, serving as one of the world's largest insurance and reinsurance markets.

10 Smallest Countries in the World

Starting with the smallest, Vatican City takes the top spot with an area of 0.44 Km². This tiny city-state within Rome serves both as the spiritual center for billions of Catholics around the globe and as a testament to the influential legacy of the Catholic Church.

Ranked second is the country Monaco, which has an area of 2.02 Km². Despite the compact space, it is one of the world's most densely populated countries. Its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous, alongside its annual hosting of the Grand Prix motor race, lends Monaco its glamour and appeal.

The British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar, comes in third, encompassing 6.8 Km². It sits strategically at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar.

The island nations of Nauru (4th) and Tuvalu (5th) commandeer the fourth and fifth spots, with areas of 21 Km² and 26 Km², respectively. Their pristine natural beauty helps them punch above their weight in terms of tourism.

The sixth smallest country is Macau, another city-state which, though spanning an area of merely 32.9 Km², is a significant hub for gambling and glitzy entertainment. 

Next in line, we have Saint Martin with an area of 53 Km² and Bermuda covering 54 Km², ranking seventh and eighth respectively.

San Marino is ninth smallest by area, yet it lays claim to one of the world's oldest constitutions in its 61 Km² territory. Last but not least in this list of top-ten smallest countries sits Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean with an area of 91 Km².

10 Smallest Countries in the World:

  1. Vatican City - 0.44 Km²
  2. Monaco - 2.02 Km²
  3. Gibraltar - 6.8 Km²
  4. Nauru - 21 Km²
  5. Tuvalu - 26 Km²
  6. Macau - 32.9 Km²
  7. Saint Martin - 53 Km²
  8. Bermuda - 54 Km²
  9. San Marino - 61 Km²
  10. Anguilla - 91 Km²

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Year: 2023

Source: Britannica World Data

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