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Countries That Start with P

Countries That Start with P
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A Look at Countries Beginning with P

With an interesting spread across different continents, these "P"-starting countries add a rich variety to our exploration. From the tropical archipelagos of the Pacific Ocean to the highlands of South America and the eclectic urban landscapes in Europe, these nations represent a vast spectrum of cultures, histories, and geographies.

  • There are 11 countries in our dataset starting with the letter P. 
  • These countries span across various continents, including Asia (Pakistan, Philippines and Palestine), Europe (Portugal and Poland), North and Central America (Panama and Puerto Rico), South America (Peru and Paraguay), and Oceania (Palau and Papua New Guinea). 
  • Despite such geographical diversity, there are no countries beginning with 'P' located in Africa, indicating a unique absence in this particular alphabetical category. 
  • The countries with the highest populations among those starting with "P" are Pakistan and the Philippines.

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