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Countries That Start with E

Countries That Start with E
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A Look at Countries Beginning with E

Ever wondered how many countries in the world begin with the letter 'E'? We're detailing nations that commence with 'E,' featuring a diverse array of countries spread over various continents, from the lush landscapes of Ecuador in South America to the ancient wonders of Egypt in Africa and the digital wonderland that is Estonia in Europe.

  1. Eight countries beginning with the letter 'E.' These nations are Ecuador, Eswatini, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, and Estonia.
  2. These countries span across different continents, highlighting the diversity of regions around the world. Ecuador and El Salvador are located in South and Central America, respectively. Eswatini, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Equatorial Guinea are all African nations, while Estonia represents Europe.
  3. It's noticeable that with the exception of Estonia, all countries beginning with 'E' belong to the Global South.

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