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Oil Production By State

Oil Production By State

Oil Production Across America

The United States is a dominant force in the global oil industry, leading the world in crude oil production. This output, produced from both conventional and unconventional reserves, is the lifeblood for a wide array of products and services we rely on every day, from motor fuels and heating to asphalt, lubricating oils, and detergents. The production of crude oil varies widely by state, influenced by factors such as geography, technology, regulatory environment, and market conditions. 

Key findings from the data include:

  • Texas is the leading state in daily oil production, with an output that dwarfs all other states. Producing 5.0 million barrels per day, Texas' oil industry is a crucial engine for both the state and national economy.
  • New Mexico and North Dakota follow as the second and third top oil-producing states, contributing 1.6 and 1.1 million barrels of oil per day respectively—demonstrating the significant role these states play in the country's oil supply.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, states like Virginia, Arizona, Idaho, and Missouri show relatively negligible oil production, each contributing less than 200 barrels per day. 
  • While states like Alaska and California have historically been known for their oil production, they currently rank behind several other states. Alaska stands at fourth place with  437.3K barrels per day, and California follows at seventh with 335.4K barrels per day.

States that Produce the Most Oil

Heading the list in terms of daily production is Texas, dwarfing all the other states with a substantial figure of 5.0M barrels of oil per day.

Next on the list is New Mexico, producing an impressive 1.6M barrels daily. Trailing not far behind is North Dakota, which holds the third rank with its commendable daily production of 1.1M barrels, establishing its robust presence in the country's oil supply. Alaska follows up in fourth place, boasting daily production of 437.3K barrels. 

Other states with significant daily oil production include Colorado with 431.4K barrels, Oklahoma churning out 415.8K barrels, and California contributing 335.4K barrels.

Rounding out the top ten are Wyoming, Utah, and Louisiana. Despite being at the lower end of this list, they still contribute significant numbers with their respective daily productions of 249.4K, 127.3K, and 99.9K barrels.

Top 10 States Producing the Most Oil:

  1. Texas - 5.0M Barrels/Day
  2. New Mexico - 1.6M Barrels/Day
  3. North Dakota - 1.1M Barrels/Day
  4. Alaska - 437.3K Barrels/Day
  5. Colorado - 431.4K Barrels/Day
  6. Oklahoma - 415.8K Barrels/Day
  7. California - 335.4K Barrels/Day
  8. Wyoming - 249.4K Barrels/Day
  9. Utah - 127.3K Barrels/Day
  10. Louisiana - 99.9K Barrels/Day

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