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Iron Ore Production By Country

Iron Ore Production By Country


Iron ore is found in rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. A critical resource globally, natural ores containing over 60% iron can be directly fed into iron-making blast furnaces. So important is iron ore that it is considered nearly as integral to the global economy as oil.

Insights gleaned from the data include:

  • Australia is the leading producer of iron ore, amassing over half a million kilotons in production. In fact, its output so vast, it is twice as large as the second-ranked nation, Brazil.
  • The Top 5 of iron ore producers are evenly split between Asia (Australia, China, India) and the Americas and Europe (Brazil, Russia), showcasing the abundance of this resource in these regions.
  • Countries positioned from 6th to 10th in the ranking (Ukraine, Canada, South Africa, Iran, Sweden) collectively produce less than half of the output of the leading producer, Australia, pointing to the enormous scale of Australia's mining industry.
  • Republic of Congo and Uruguay, despite their wealth of other natural resources, are at the lower end of the production scale, contributing 46 kt and 1 kt, respectively.

Top Producers of Iron Ore

Australia is the leading supplier of Iron Ore with over 565K kt produced annually. Coming in at a distant second is Brazil, yielding 247K kt of iron ore annually. Brazil is home to the famed 'Iron Quadrangle' - a region known for its abundant and high-quality iron ore reserves.

Occupying the third spot, China produces a substantial 225,000 kt of iron ore per year. China is not just a large producer but also the largest consumer of iron ore, mainly due to its vast steel industry which necessitates a robust iron ore supply. India, holding the fourth position, contributes 127,000 kt per year to the global iron ore production. India is endowed with significant iron ore reserves, especially in the states of Odisha, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh.

With an annual iron ore production of 69,500 kt, Russia clinches the fifth spot. Russia's iron ore mines, especially those in Western Siberia and the Urals, play a crucial role in its steel industry. Known particularly for the Krivoy Rog Iron Basin, Ukraine produces 49,300 kt of iron ore every year.

Contributing 36,100 kt yearly, Canada is home to several important iron ore mining sites and stands as the seventh-largest producer. South Africa: Producing 35,400 kt annually, South Africa's iron ore mining is concentrated in the Northern Cape province. Iran: Iran ranks ninth and yields 32,500 kt of iron ore yearly. Rounding out the top ten is Sweden with an annual production of 25,400 kt, largely from its northern regions.  

Top Iron Ore Producers:

  1. Australia - 564,519 kt
  2. Brazil - 246,791 kt
  3. China - 225,000 kt
  4. India - 127,000 kt
  5. Russia - 69,500 kt
  6. Ukraine - 49,300 kt
  7. Canada - 36,100 kt
  8. South Africa - 35,400 kt
  9. Iran - 32,500 kt
  10. Sweden – 25,400 kt

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