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Most Stressful States

Most Stressful States
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Stress across the States

Living in times of fast-paced technological advancements increases in work demands, and the rise of global challenges like pandemics, the stress levels in our society have seen significant upheaval. To understand the regions in the United States that are grappling most acutely with this issue, this article provides a nuanced overview of the most and least stressed states. Using the Stress Level Index Score, based on four key dimensions: Work-Related Stress, Money-Related Stress, Family-Related Stress, and Health- & Safety-Related Stress.

  • Southern States dominate the higher end of the stress scale. According to the Stress Level Index Score, Mississippi tops the list with a score of 58.8, followed by Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Nevada. These states exhibit higher levels of stress compared to their counterparts elsewhere in the nation.
  • Close examination of the mid-tier stress states like Arizona, Alaska, and South Carolina suggest that the stress experience is not confined only to the South, but is emerging as a national challenge.
  • On the lower end of the scale, there is a concentration of Northeastern states, including New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The least stressed state in the nation is Minnesota, with a remarkably low Stress Level Index Score of 30.42, well below the national median.

10 Most Stressful States

The list of the top 10 most stressful states in the U.S. is led by Mississippi, with a Stress Level Index Score of 58.8. This southern state faces high stress levels linked to Work-Related Stress, Money-Related Stress, Family-Related Stress, and Health and Safety-Related Stress. 

Second, with a score of 58.32, is Louisiana, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, but also grappling with high stress levels. A few points behind, with a Stress Level Index Score of 58.24, New Mexico ranks third.

Located in the Appalachian region, West Virginia follows with a high score of 57.58, landing it the fourth spot. The fifth-most stressed state is Nevada, known for its entertainment hub, Las Vegas. Despite its famous slogan, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", stress seems to be an unwelcome stowaway, with the state holding a Stress Level Index Score of 57.17.

The next five states fill the mid-tier of this list, including Arkansas (55.23), Alabama (54.55), Kentucky (53.41), Texas (53.34), and Oklahoma (52.76). These states show that while the South has a significant presence in high-stress rankings, stress remains a nationwide issue. 

Top 10 most Stressful States:

  1. Mississippi - 58.8
  2. Louisiana - 58.32
  3. New Mexico - 58.24
  4. West Virginia - 57.58
  5. Nevada - 57.17
  6. Arkansas - 55.23
  7. Alabama - 54.55
  8. Kentucky - 53.41
  9. Texas - 53.34
  10. Oklahoma - 52.76

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