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Best States For Women

Best States For Women
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When considering the best living environment for women in the United States, an array of factors come into play. Social and economic conditions, healthcare access, safety, and overall wellbeing form a complex mosaic providing a nuanced picture of the status of women across the country. The ‘Women Friendliness Index Score’ offers a data point that aims to encapsulate this broad range of considerations, offering a comparative lens across the nation's 50 states.

Key findings:

  • Vermont, with an Index score of 75.68, takes the lead as the most women-friendly state in the U.S. This Northeastern state is closely followed by New York (74.83) and Massachusetts (74.26), all offering commendable environments in terms of women's socio-economic status, health care, and safety provisions. 
  • The Midwestern state of Minnesota also scores highly, emerging as the fourth-best region, with an Index Score of 73.39, while Connecticut rounds up the top 5 with a score of 72.24.
  • The lowest-scoring states lie primarily in the South of the country, with the bottom two being Mississippi (35.96) and Oklahoma (32.62). Other Southern states, including Louisiana (37.72), Arkansas (38.2), and Alabama (38.89), likewise score relatively low in terms of women friendliness.

10 Best States for Women

  1. Vermont is the state with the highest index score - an impressive 75.68. Known for its strong healthcare system and accessible social services, the state offers a commendable environment for women.
  2. New York, not far behind, secures the second spot with a score of 74.83. This may be attributed to its robust economy and the myriad of opportunities for women in terms of career and social well-being.
  3. Following closely is Massachusetts, scoring 74.26 on the Index. High-quality healthcare and safety measures contribute to its high ranking.
  4. Minnesota, with an index score of 73.39, comes in fourth. Offering favorable economic conditions and social well-being, it's considered one of the best Midwestern states for women.
  5. Connecticut rounds off the top five with a score of 72.24. Its healthcare system and social services aimed at the well-being of women make it a top contender.
  6. Holding the sixth place is Washington which scored a 68.13 on the Index. Its clear focus on women's Economic & Social Well-Being contributes largely to its high ranking.
  7. Rhode Island, another New England state, comes in at seventh place, boasting a score of 68.
  8. Hawaii has a score of 67.21, placing it eighth on the list. It's renowned healthcare system and unique social services play a part in its high ranking.
  9. New Jersey comes in ninth with a score of 66.9. With strong programs addressing both Women's Economic & Social Well-Being and Women’s Health Care & Safety New Jersey makes its way into the top ten.
  10. Maryland, scoring 66.8 on the Index, rounds off our top ten list.

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