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States with Nuclear Power Plants

States with Nuclear Power Plants
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A Look at States with Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plays a significant role in the United States energy sector, accounting for approximately one-fifth of the country's annual electricity generation. Across the nation, there are around 48 active nuclear power plants that contribute to a substantial portion of the domestic energy requirements by harnessing the tremendous energy released from atom's core with nuclear fission.

Examining the data, significant patterns emerge, including:

  • The state with the most nuclear reactors is Illinois, possessing a total of 11 reactors. It's also the third-largest producer of electricity from nuclear power, contributing to 54% of the state's electricity.
  • Pennsylvania comes in second, housing 9 reactors, presenting an interesting scenario as it contributes 36% of the state's electricity, despite having more nuclear reactors than South Carolina.
  • South Carolina, with its 7 reactors, generates a significant 56% of its total electricity from nuclear power, making it the second-largest nuclear power contributor, even with fewer reactors than Pennsylvania and Illinois.
  • On the lower end of the spectrum, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington, Nebraska, and Iowa solely host one reactor, indicating a limited reliance on nuclear power in these states.
  • An interesting observation is New Hampshire, which, despite having only one reactor, produces a whopping 61% of its electricity from nuclear power, the highest nuclear electricity share among all states.

States with the Most Nuclear Power Plants

Topping the list, Illinois stands unrivaled when it comes to the number of nuclear reactors, hosting a whopping 11 reactors within its borders. The second state in line, Pennsylvania, is home to 9 nuclear reactors. Next, we have South Carolina, whose 7 nuclear reactors punch above their weight. Following the top three, we have  Alabama and North Carolina, each with 5 nuclear reactors. Rounding out the top ten, the states of Florida, Georgia, New York, Tennessee, and Virginia each have 4 nuclear reactors.

States with the Most Nuclear Reactors:

  1. Illinois - 11
  2. Pennsylvania - 9
  3. South Carolina - 7
  4. Alabama - 5
  5. North Carolina - 5
  6. Florida - 4
  7. Georgia - 4
  8. New York - 4
  9. Tennessee - 4
  10. Virginia - 4

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