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Countries That Start with R

Countries That Start with R
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A Look at Countries Beginning with R

Exhibiting a wide spectrum of regional profiles, these countries starting with R vary from large nations like Russia, the largest nation by land area globally, to small nations such as Reunion, an overseas department and region of France in the Indian Ocean. Two countries from this list, Rwanda and Republic of Congo, are located in Africa, reflecting diverse cultures and histories. Romania stands as the only European country on this list, apart from Russia.

  • The countries in this list span three key global regions: Europe, Africa, and the Indian Ocean. 
  • Each country brings distinct cultural and geographic profiles to the forefront - from Russia's expansive Siberian tundra and rich history, Romania's Carpathian mountains and Transylvania region, Rwanda's renowned wildlife reserves, to the Republic of Congo's vibrant culture and rain forests, and Reunion's exquisite beaches and volcanic landscapes.
  • Russia and Romania play significant roles within their regional geo-political contexts - Russia in the Eurasian region and Romania as a member of the European Union.

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