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Best States For Teen Drivers

Best States For Teen Drivers


Acquiring a driver's license is often considered a rite of passage for teenagers in the United States. However, with the freedom of being behind the wheel, comes the responsibility to adhere to safe and mindful driving practices. Navigating the roads safely is a task that involves understanding complex laws, managing hazardous conditions, and continuously monitoring for unpredictable elements. To provide a comprehensive view of the driving conditions across different states, we produced the 'Teen Driving Score', which encapsulates a myriad of crucial factors like safety measures, economic environment, and stringent driving laws. 

  • There appears to be a regional pattern, with New York, Washington, and Illinois—states in the North or on the East Coast—ranking high in terms of favorable teen driving conditions.
  • Contrarily, Wyoming and Montana, which are both in the Western region, landed at the bottom, indicating a need for substantial improvements in their teen driving environments. 
  • Even states considered having metropolises like California and Texas, only ranked 7th and 16th respectively, suggesting that denser urban areas—while they might have more transport alternatives and potentially stricter driving laws—are not necessarily the best environment for teen drivers. 
  • Interestingly, the top two states, New York and Washington, have a gradual drop in their scores from 72.24 to 66.66, while from rank 3 onwards (Illinois onwards), scores are more tightly packed. This indicates a stark difference in conditions between the leading two states and the rest.

10 Best States for Teen Drivers

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